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Illustration by Édouard-Henri Avril from the erotic novel Fanny Hill (1749).
18th-century illustration by an unknown artist that may have been intended for Fanny Hill.
Cover of Le Dressage de la Maid-Esclave (1930) by Bernard Valonnes (aka Don Brennus Aléra).

A spanking novel is longer work of spanking-related literature. A spanking novel can take the form of a novel-length spanking story, but most commonly it is a series of spanking stories, each of which comprises a chapter of the novel — a format also known as a spanking series.

Note that not every novel which features some mention of spanking can be called a spanking novel. In a spanking novel, spanking is an essential and recurring theme throughout the work. Many spanking novels are actually of a length which would classify them as novellas if they were published commercially.

See the Victorian era and Edwardian era for lists of 19th and 20th Century flagellation novels and novellas, as well as early 20th century French spanking literature.


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French vintage spanking novels

In the early 20th century there was a boom of French spanking novels, mostly published by various publishing houses in Paris. Many of these were nicely illustrated in the drawing styles of the genre and time. Our sister wiki Biblio Curiosa, maintained by Thanalie, is a very good resource on these works. Some selected examples (whose copyright has expired so they are now in the public domain) are even available online in full length as for-pay e-books at Eros-Thanatos. See also: Edwardian era

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