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A spanking game is a game in which spanking is a core element. Spanking games can be played by children, adolescents or adults.

Fun spanking games

Some games involve playful spanking, for example birthday spankings or the spanking line. Hot Cockles is a game in which a player has to guess who slapped them behind their back. Slaps is a fun spanking game based on dodging and quick reaction.

Role play games

Spanking can also take place in the context of role playing games, such as House or School in children's play.

Adults may have fun with spanking in erotic role play, both in real life and in online role play.

Board or card games

Almost any parlor or card game can be played in a spanking version. Spanking is typically used as a forfeit for losing, or a reward for winning. Examples:

Spanking quiz games

Spankings can also be given as penalties in quiz games. For example, in Jade growing up again: Ch 7. Protect the Innocent, Rinni and Paco play PP and C (Penny Penalties and Corrections): The players quiz each other with flash cards. Each player's wrong answers come into a pile to be counted at the end of the quiz. Then each player gets spanked for their wrong answers. The number of spanks is determined by the number of wrongly answered cards multiplied by a random number (1-6) which is determined by rolling a die. The person with the least wrong answers is the winner. The winner gets control of the dice multiplier and gets to spank the loser first; afterwards the loser gets to spank the winner for his/her wrong answers, using the same multiplier. The spankings are given on the bare bottom.

Computer and video games

See Spanking in computer and video games and Spanking in Flash games.

Other games

A last category are games in which no real spanking takes place, but in which spanking plays some other role, for example spanking trivia quizzes or spanking crossword puzzles.