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"Jack and the Brownies", spanking comic by Comixpank (2003).
Example panel of a Glory Bee comic strip by Gauis Marius (2004).
Page from the spanking comic Bridget by Spankart (2005).

A spanking comic is a comic that not only contains a brief mention of spanking, but is closely focused on the subject. In practice, the script of a spanking comic will be very similar to a spanking story.

Commercial spanking comics

The following professional artists created spanking comics:

All spanking comics that were ever commercially published, as far as is known, are adult/adult, and there seems to be a strong focus on the M/F pairing.

Noncommercial spanking comics

Unlike spanking stories, an art form in which an abundance of hobby writers is active and highly productive, not many hobby spanking artists have created entire spanking comics. This can be explained by the great amount of work and the complex skills that are required for making a comic, compared to just writing words. An experienced cartoonist can pencil up to about three pages a day under optimal circumstances. A hobby artist, spending only a few hours a week, will need months to complete (for instance), a 10 page comic (which, once complete, will be read in less than five minutes).

Despite these hardships, some spanking hobby artists have nevertheless successfully created spanking comics. These include:

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