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Jump to: navigation, search is a Japanese spanking video site owned by a young Japanese webmistress named Nami. Her online nicknames have included Spanker☆Nami and Spanker73. is also a spanking video producer and sells it's own F/F and F/M material on a pay-for-download basis. They do not offer DVDs or video tapes. All the material is organised into galleries which contain a spanking scene between Nami, who is the spanker in her own movies, and a recipient model, comprising both images, samples and videos. Each gallery is a multiple spankings taking place over the course of a night.


Inside each gallery is between 10 and 25 small videos of the spanking scene, each separate clip being of not only the spanking and different implements but visual scolding, corner time, bottom-rubbing and comforting. Added together the average length of the videos is around 30 minutes of footage. The attached image gallery is between 40 and 100 images, these are not only stills from the video but usually contain extra content.

The models that receive the spankings are usually young, under the age of 25, cute and tend to wear a mixture of modern trendy designer clothes or in some videos, dress as schoolgirls, ballet dancers or japanese cosplay costumes. The faces of the spankee are never shown, Nami herself is rarely seen from the shoulders up, although there is the occasional panty shot from the spanker webmistress. This is done according to the site because "We don’t have any face pictures as the models are all ordinary non-professional girls who are into being spanked."

There is also no dialogue in the films, the only sounds you hear is the smack of Nami's hands and items and the models crying out. All videos on the site appear to be filmed with a static digital camara, probably on a tripod, that observes the scene from a single, unchanging angle.

Access to each gallery has to be purchased seperately and is granted for 30 days in which members are intended to download the videos and images and may keep them forever. Obviously, further distribution is not authorised. Gallery price is usually 800 Yen which as of 23/12/06 is €5 or $6.75. This is a one-off payment for a non-reoccuring membership access to one gallery.

Previous incarnations has had several different forms over the years. First appearing in the year 2000 under the name of Spanker73, Nami published a free site on which she posted free, but short videos of her spanking, caning and strapping her husband and a few galleries of image captures from those videos. There was a large and active BBS in which Nami gave advice about having a relationship that involved spanking and discipline.

Sometime in 2004 this site was closed and had a redirect page added to the brand new site: This site was identical to the current site. After one year though, the website disappeared and was replaced later with an information page that indicated the website URL and domain name was for sale. Recently an adult link and web directory appeared on the URL. Given the absence of a forwarding link there is some speculation (although this is just conjecture) that the website URL was sold to another company when Nami was outbid for retaining it. Sadly, the footage of the original Spanker73 site has not been reposted on the new site.