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In comics, a sound effect is a visual representation of a sound. Usually this is achieved by words in big letters (for loud sounds) or small letters (for quiet sounds) that are outside of balloons (because they are not spoken), such as WHAM!, BANG! or BUZZZZ. The shape of the letters, their direction and their colorization is often chosen such that it aids in letting the reader imagine the sound.

In rhetoric, linguistics and poetry, this device is called onomatopoeia.

Spanking sounds

  • Slap is the sound of a soft flat surfaces hitting such as a hand or a belt.
  • Smack is similar to slap but which a louder and harder connotation.
  • Whack is the sound of a hard flat surface hitting such as a paddle or a hairbrush.
  • Thwack is similar to whack but which a louder and harder connotation.
  • Swish is the sound of some thing and fast moving, such as cane or a switch.
  • Crack is a loud sound of a whip or cane hitting.

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More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Onomatopoeia ]


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