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A slipper is a type of footwear, usually worn indoors. It may be fairly lightweight, like a lot of modern carpet slippers, or it can be heavy, at which end the term is usually intended to mean plimsoll, a canvas or leather shoe, often worn for sports, with a thick rubber sole.


An F/m OTK slippering in an ad for Royal Crown Soap.

The slipper may be an item of domestic or parental correction, used in the home, where it is more likely to be of the lighter rubber or leather soled style, or used in schools, especially by games teachers, where it is more likely to be of the plimsoll style. A spanking with a slipper is called a slippering.

The shoe is normaly held by the heel and brought down to hit the buttocks with its sole. It is the large surface area and weight of the slipper that contribute most to the impact of this implement. Due to its weight, it is a thuddy implement that penetrates deeply, but does little damage to the surface.

Slipperings were a common alternative to canings in schools in the United Kingdom, especially in England and Wales. An example of a school that opted for the slipper as its formal disciplinary implement was Litherland High School in Liverpool, a mixed-sex school. The school recorded more than 1,800 official slipperings in 1980.

In some schools, both boys and girls were slippered, while in others, the slipper was regarded as a girl's implement, while the cane was used on the boys.

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