Slave Names

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Slave Names

It would appear that every Master or Mistress has a special convention or formula for naming slaves.

The 'Slave Name' is used to remind the slave of their role and or status. It should be a name that no one except the Master or Mistress uses with the slave, and is used to command them to come to attention, or that they should return to a state of submission.

The ancient Egyptian rulers had a saying, "Whatsoever bears my name, belongs to me"

Authors note:

My personal naming convention follows:
  • The first letter of new slave names is incremented each year.
  • Every name includes my initials ('RR')
  • All names must be pronounceable, lyrical and meaningful.

A few examples include

auRRora, boRReal, charMMe, caRRess, doRReen, eageRRe, floweRR, loRRett, reNNova, RRanova, ssaRRah, xenaRRa etc

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