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Slave Auction magazine was published by House of Milan

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/01 (1985) Tanya Raider, Carolyn Harris, Jody Price, Terri Bates and Janice Tyler.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/02 (1985) Suzi Shafer, Jody Price, Lynn Johnson, Jennifer Brooks, Tanya Raider, Cynthia Halstead & Sheila Sandleman.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/03 (1986) Myra Stevens, Terri Bates, Mary James, Tricia Allen, Lana Alberts, Nikki Wayne, Kimberly Wyatt, Linda Sheldon & Janice Cromwell.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/06 (1990) Obviously misnumbered, probably meant to be issue 1/07. Alexis Payne, Ashley Renee, Fontaine, Denise Dare, Angelique, Feather and Toddie Rose.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/06 (1988) Stocks, ladders and jailhouse bondage. With "Ruminations on a Rug" by F. E. Campbell.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/08 (1991) Bunny Bleu, Joanna Gee, Venus, Lebili, Tabitha, Feather, June Bauer (aka Juliet Parton) and "Private Party" by Ernest Greene.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/09 (1991) Alexis Payne, Desi D'Angelo, Kimberly Dawn, Rebecca, Shaime, Mandy and Breezie.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/10 (1992) P. J. Kerrington, Fawna, Stacey Dean, Holly Briskell, Alexis Payne, Katie West, Mia and Paola. With "Making of a Mistress" by Ernest Greene.

SLAVE AUCTION. 1/11 (1992) Tiffany Storm, Trixy Storm, Ashley Rene, Kelly Blue, Noelle Page, Patricia Kennedy and Bardot. With "Gang War" by Brad Matthews.


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