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Skin Two is a fetish magazine covering aspects of the worldwide fetish subculture. The name is a reference to fetish clothing as a "second skin".

Published in England and circulated throughout the globe they try to provide information about fetish fashion, events, people, and news. A major concentration of the magazine is latex clothing and the people and events related to the wearing of this type clothing. Frequently the articles cover the manufacturers of latex clothing and parties where people wear latex clothing.

The magazine has also provided the stepping stone for several internationally known fetish models and photographers.

The company that publishes the magazine has now diversified into a range of fetish-related businesses.

Skin Two Rubber Ball

The magazine hosts this ball for fetish-related wear, basically a big fetish party, annually.

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From the Skin-Two website: Published September 4th, 2007 in Fetish and BDSM websites

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Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has recently purged most of it’s fetish content and now offers only a small section on fetish and BDSM practices. However, all is not lost…

3xL already well known for his latex news blog Lust Love and Latex, has launched LatexWiki an online resource for latex fetishists, rubberists and rainwear lovers. LatexWiki is in need of some attention and, by it’s very nature, you can edit it yourself freely and help it grow! Log in, and give it some love.

The Wipipedia has been online since 2005 and is hosted by popular fetish community website . With over 990 articles this serves as a comprehensive record of all things fetish and SM.

SM-201, the brainchild of respected bay area SM educator Robin Roberts, is a BDSM/fetish wikipediea with a huge database of all things BDSM - but perhaps with a more American slant.

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