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Sharon Green (born 1942 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and romance.

She is a graduate of New York University. She is divorced with three adult sons.

Green has published many works of fantasy/science fiction with DAW books, including her currently ongoing 'Blending' series.

Green has also authored some series notable more for their erotic content than as SF:

The Terrillian Series
"The Terrillian Series" is in our general library
  • The Warrior Within
  • The Warrior Enchained
  • The Warrior Rearmed
  • The Warrior Challenged
  • The Warrior Victorious
The Jalav Series
"The Jalav Series" is in our general library
  • The Crystals of Mida
  • Oath to Mida
  • Chosen of Mida
  • The Will of the Gods
  • To Battle the Gods
Diana Santee, Spaceways Agent
"The Diana Santee Series" is in our general library
  • Mind Guest
  • Gateway to Xanadu

In each of these series, the female protagonist enjoys a position of respect and/or authority in her own society, but is forced by circumstance to travel in areas controlled by male-dominated societies in which women have no status. Although possessed of formidable self-defense skills (in Terrillian's case, telepathic abilities), each heroine is practically or actually enslaved and forced to endure rape and other humiliating sexual treatment, during which she often experiences involuntary sexual response. As Green's own site notes "With their very sexual scenes and 'politically incorrect' themes reminiscent of John Norman's famous Gor series, it's unlikely that [these] books would be published today."

Terrilian #1: Warrior Within

She was one of Central's most valued Primes - a brilliant and highly trained operative with a special talent for predicting accurately the thoughts and actions of others.

He was a barbarian chief from a raw and primitive planet, wise only in the ways of warfare and the schemes of clan domination.

His world had become a much needed key to Central's space enterprises... and he was prepared to make a deal if the star-people could help him win supreme power.

So she was assigned to him.

But the only way she could fulfill her mission was in the full native tradition. She must be locked into the five-banded chains of a warrior's slave girl - and live the role to the full.

Terrilian #2: Warrior Enchained

Terry was Central's Prime intelligence agent. Her talent made her nearly priceless as an interplanetary operative. Yet there came a time when that price had to be met. The barbarian Tammad demanded it and Terry's bosses were willing to meet it.

So she was tricked into returning to a world that considered women the property of their men - and a highly civilized one such as Terry to be a prize possession.

But Terry was a warrior at heart and though her role called for submission to dominance and even bondage, she was prepared to use all her feminine wiles and secret-agent cunning to show a primitive world just who would be its true master.

Terrilian #3: Warrior Rearmed

Terrilian's ability to project her mind empathically enabled her to control wild animals, but when it came to the human beast she was in trouble. Because being herself a desirable object for male lust counterbalanced her skills as an interplanetary agent - and created an interplanetary crisis.

Tammad, the barbarian chief who had banded Terry as his, was furious at her efforts to control his mind. Terry, torn between conflicting loyalties, sought to break her bonds by escaping. But her flight across a savage world led her instead to a final crisis when, rearmed, she would fight it out with everything and everyone that opposed her.

Terrilian #4: Warrior Challenged


In this barbaric land ruled by men, women are meant only to serve. But Terril, an empathic agent from an advanced interstellar society, owes her first allegiance to her masters from the stars and can never be completely ruled by any man, not even Tammad, the barbarian lord she has come to love.

Yet when Terril joins Tammad on a rescue expedition to the distant, female-dominated city of Vediaster, neither she nor Tammad can foresee that they are riding straight into a trap that may claim both their lives.

Will Terril's rapidly growing skills of both body and mind prove powerful enough to meet the deadly challenge of the tyrant of Vediaster?

Terrilian #5: Warrior Victorious


The world of New Dawn was a pleasure planet for some, but for Terril it was a terrifying prison, a world where Primes - the empaths who acted as top agents for the interstellar Amalgamation government known as Central - had been gathered together for the specific purpose of creating the next generation of their own uniquely talented kind.

With the Primes chemically conditioned to obey, Terril alone questioned this forced mating system and dreamed of escaping New Dawn. And while she sought a means to free herself, other forces were focusing their attention on this secret, government-controlled enclave.

For Terril and the other Primes on New Dawn could prove the most powerful weapon the universe had ever known - for peace under the right leadership... or conquest under the wrong masters!


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