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I'm going to break this conversation into two sub-topics.

Having Sex as a Professional Dominatrix or Submissive

In most states in America, prostitution is described as being sexual with a client for money or other consideration. If you are having sexual contact with a client, you will probably end up paying a lot of attorney fees and/or end up in jail.

If you are seeing several clients per day, and you have sexual contact with each, you have to remember that you are basically having sex with each and every of the partners that THEY have had sex with during the past several years.

Finally, if you are having that many orgasms, you will die of exhaustion, but you will die with a smile on your face.

Everyone else

What really needs to be said? There are probably more reasons not to have sex than reasons to have sex. If it important to you, it will be important to you.

As my father use to say, "Flies spread germs. Keep yours zipped!"

I always make the joke that you should not have sex with anyone unless you know them well enough to exchange Social Security numbers. (I remember after having said that, a lady gave me a business card with her Social Security number written on the back.)

Do not allow your hormones to overwhelm your gray matter.

If you answer an advertisement from someone who says that they are a Master, and they demand your complete and total sexual subservience on the first date, run away, my child, run away! A Master takes care of all of their property, animate and inanimate alike.

Finally, ask yourself, "Am I having sex to begin, maintain or end this relationship?" These are your questions, the answers are your own.

Funny Story

I can not tell you the number of times that I have received a call from a sessions client who says that they just came here from _____ {usually New York, for some reason}. While there, he lived with his Mistress who kept him chained and dressed in ____ {frilly panties, maids outfit or naked}. On ____ (usually a Friday or Saturday), Mistress would have him sit under the table (usually with a glass top) with his hand tied ____ (in front or in back) and he would be forced to provide oral sex to the ____ (somewhere between three and twelve) guests presents while they ____ (played cards, drank coffee or cocktails). Can I help him find a comparable situation here?

Almost every time I hear this story, I ask, "Why in the World did you leave?"


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