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A schoolgirl uniform fetish is a sexual fetish in which someone enjoys dressing in the typical uniform of a schoolgirl, or someone derives sexual pleasure from viewing others dressed in this manner. While this is classified as a sexual fetish, it does not require any actual sexual contact. The schoolgirl uniform fetish is common in both Japanese and Western pornography, making it one of the most widespread clothing-oriented fetishes worldwide. However, the behavior of the schoolgirl characters will vary according to the taste of the audience.

The Catholic or English schoolgirl look

Typical schoolgirl
Typical schoolgirl

In Western pornography, the typical uniform is a somewhat adjusted version of the classical type. This is sometimes described as a Catholic school uniform, though in the United Kingdom it is also worn in most public and private schools. It usually includes a pleated or kilted skirt in green, blue or red plaid, similar to those which actual schoolgirls wear for school, but one often cut much shorter, or otherwise altered to increase thesexual appeal of the look. Sometimes there is a blazer, and if one is worn it should have a school crest on the breast pocket. The blouse is usually white, and when worn without a blazer, the lower section may be knotted up to expose the subject's abdomen. The ensemble may also optionally include a necktie and/or a straw boater hat (or other schoolgirl-style hat).

For maximum authenticity, the uniform should include socks or anklets, sometimes white, sometimes Argyle, and often knee-length, knee socks and the sort of shoes most schoolgirls would wear, such as Mary Janes, saddle shoes or school shoes (flat lace-up type). Alternatively, the woman may wear stockings with a skirt short enough to reveal the stocking tops and high-heeled shoes; this combines an explicitly sensual element with the traditionally innocent schoolgirl look. Preferred panties are usually voluminous (full cut) cotton knickers; they may be white, navy blue or dark green in colour. Undergarments that are conventionally considered "sexy" (that is, very revealing and/or composed of silky fabrics) can be worn, but are largely shunned by purists.

In many cases, those trying to recreate the schoolgirl look wear a striped or solid-coloured school necktie. Most school discos for instance insist that participants at the very least wear the school necktie. The necktie does not have to be properly knotted though. Ties, if worn, are often loose and haphazardly worn, if tied at all. When ties are not worn however, the collar of the blouse is often unbuttoned and flared to show as much skin and cleavage as possible.

In the United Kingdom and United States, there is also a corresponding Girl Guides/Girl Scouts uniform fetish which is also popular. In North America there is also a corresponding cheerleader uniform fetish.

To some, the wearing of glasses is also included as part of the perfect schoolgirl ensemble. At times, these are gaudy, outlandish or unfashionable and sometimes mended with tape as if broken in a manner similar to that expected of a nerd.

Lolita pornography frequently uses images of women in schoolgirl uniforms. Note that this look is sometimes favoured by male transvestites as well.

The Japanese schoolgirl look

In Japanese pornography, the female often wears a Japanese school uniform, known in the sex industry as bura-sera (anglicized Japanese slang for "bloomers" and "sailor"). Typically this is based on the summer sailor fuku type (white blouse with blue sailor colour and red tie, as well as a blue pleated skirt), except the skirt is shortened significantly. However, numerous variants exist; these can be based on Catholic schoolgirls or uniforms from anime or hentai, such as the "bustier plus miniskirt" outfit seen in Bible Black. Generally, "authentic" uniform design maximises the display of the body's curves with minimal skin exposure.

In addition, numerous uniforms that are associated with Japanese schoolgirls are also used; examples include the form-fitting navy blue one-piece swimsuit, the typical gym clothes for Japanese schoolgirls consisting of a tight white top and navy blue tights plus sneakers, and traditional Japanese martial art garb.


The schoolgirl image may appeal to women because it allows them to project a more youthful, innocent, or virginal image. These same reasons can explain part of the look's appeal to males as well. It may also have a less sexual aspect of nostalgia, recalling memories of a simpler time in one's life. Often, the contrast of a fully-developed woman in a "childlike" role is appealing, in the same manner as other forms of sexual role-playing.

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