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Saran Wrap (also known as cling film and/or pallet wrap) is a thin (about seven to fifteen mils thick) polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet, usually sold in rolls of three, six, ten, twelve, and eighteen inch widths; and twenty-five, fifty, one hundred and two hundred and fifty foot lengths. It is available at almost all grocery store, with thicker variants available at hardware stores. Also, if you shop around, you can find it in almost every color.

It is typically used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh. The wrap, typically sold on rolls in boxes with a cutting edge, clings to many smooth surfaces and can thus remain tight with no adhesive or other closures.

The wrap is also quite effective as a substitute for rubber sheeting, sheaths and body bags. Since it conforms to the shape of the body, it provides a much tighter fit than that of any commercially available rubber equipment, and it is by far a lot less expensive.

Another option is to lay down a layer of the film before wrapping an overlay of duct tape. This method creates a much less flexible "cocoon", and it prevents the adhesive of the tape from sticking to the hair or skin. (You can also place a sheet of cardboard between layers of the film creating an excellent, immoveable splint to prevent movement of body joints. (And that makes 3,026 uses of Saran Wrap!)

I have found two very interesting reasons for it's use. First, when applying it, my "volunteer" gets the feeling of a complete "body hug" and an almost instant raise in body temperature. The temperature rise is caused by the lack of air crossing the body (disallowing body heat exchange through perspiration) and (probably) the fact that it is sexually exciting.

The second reason is an even more interesting effect. The longer the person is wrapped, the more the body accepts its' feeling of heating and pressure. When this pressure is quickly released and the body comes into immediate contact of cooler air, I've been told by many people that it's like being a butterfly being released from it's cocoon.

As a side note: by wrapping the head with Saran Wrap (or putting a stocking over the head) and again, using duct tape, make a very effective bondage hood. You can create sensory deprivation by using blindfold, ear plugs and gags beneath such a hood. (Extreme cautionary note: think about what you are going to do before you do it, make sure you have established safewords, and make sure every one knows how to remove the hood quickly!)


  • Since there is no air flow for heat exchange, make sure you have liquids available.
  • If the body is compressed to tightly, asphyxia can occur, so have a good, sharp pair of EMT shears (or the like) near by.
(Also see Safety for more information.)


Like every art-form, there are twice as many ways of using Saran Wrap as there are people who use it.

  • I like to wrap the torso first, then arms to torso. This isolated body contact between the arms and torso. Then using a "figure-eight" style: I go over a shoulder and to the elbow on one side a coule of times, then the opposing side.
  • If you wish, you can also make several passes around the ankle, then down the front of the foot bending the toes into an "en pointe" position.
  • You can also place a rubber ball or short one-inch dowel in their hand and wrap several layers of Saran Wrap over the finger to remove their use of hand or fingers. This is also effective in pony play as ersatz-hooves.



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