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Sara Nychols was awarded the
in 2001 for Best Bondage Model - 13th Place

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Bondage News Interview
Sara Nychols
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How long have you been modelling and how did you get started?
I have been modeling for my website for 3 years, but on a personal level for many more than that. I started my site with the desire to share my interest and art with others.
What is your favorite bondage position? How does it make you feel being bound that way?
Wow, that is a tough question. I think at this point, my favorite "position" is any suspension. I find it so cliche to have a position that gives a feeling of helplessness. Rather, a suspension gives me the freedom to realize and push my limits, while leaving me open for teasing and playing.
Are there other models who you enjoy watching or working with?
Yet another cliche, but my first answer would be Lorelei. She most definately knows what she wants and is the ultimate expert in bondage. I also love working with Sandra Silvers because her energy is extrememly invigerating.
Is bondage a part of your sex life or is it something you engage in just for modelling?
Part of my sex life and part of my playtime -- not just for modeling. I think if it were just for modeling, the fun would be taken out of it and it would turn into more of a "job".
What is the longest period you have been for? How were you bound and how did it affect you?
I was bound overnight. The bondage was not too tight, but effective.
What types of restraints do you enjoy most?
Mostly rope, cuffs, and medical restraints.
Do you like being gagged? How does it feel? What is your favorite method of gagging?
I do enjoy being gagged. Since it is generally the last item of bondage to be applied, it brings out the vulnerability in me since, while gagged, I am unable to effectively communicate my wants and needs. I solely rely on and trust my partner from the time that the gag is placed until it is removed. My favorites are cleave and tape gags.
Do you enjoy blindfolds?
Occasionally... when the mood of the bondage calls for eyesite to be eliminated.
What feelings do you tend to associate with bondage? Is it emotional for you?
Trust, vulnerability, happiness, desire - it is very emotional for me.
Do you enjoy other activities (teasing, spanking, clamps, etc.) while you are bound?
I like tickling, spanking, foot worship, and physical teasing.
Does pain enhance the experience of bondage?
Only with a good spanking!!
Does bondage ever feel embarrassing or humiliating? Is that something you enjoy?
Oh sure it does... but in a good way! Yes I do enjoy it!
What celebrity would you most like to see in bondage?
Ohhhhh, Jennifer Anniston. yummy!
Do you have any bondage fantasies which are unfillfilled? What are they?
I think at some point I would like to try a forced fantasy shoot... but who knows.


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