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By: Jay Wiseman
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Greenery Press
Release date 1974
Media Type paperback/hardback/etc
Pages 400 pages
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A primer on BDSM techniques written by Jay Wiseman

BDSM, by nature, is shrouded in a world of fantasy. This is fantastic if you are sitting down for a good erotic "read", however, it is more problematic if you are contemplating trying to act out your SM fantasies. Fortunately, readers now have access to a non-titillating , realistic guide to SM play. Jay Wiseman is an experienced SM player and a popular lecturer/speaker at many BDSM events and his book, "SM 101'" has condensed down his years of scene experience into a very readable guide to SM play. It is somewhat of a `technical manual' that explains SM terminology, the mechanics of `erotic pain' as well as how to use clamps, bondage, flagellation, erotic torture and humiliation. The second part of the manual introduces the reader to SM organizations, SM relationships and how to construct specialized types of scenes. This book is a definite must have for anyone contemplating exploring the public BDSM scene. The terminology and basic safety rules are "musts" at any responsible event.

Because this is book is written by a scene player, it does move a little quickly over the initial exploratory stages that many couples go through to get into Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns has a somewhat more elaborate introduction into the SM mindset. However, if you have decided that you are going to play and want to know how, there isn't any better book out there to get started with.

Midwest Book Review

It goes by many names: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and more. In Jay Wiseman's "SM 101", the long-taboo subject of consentual sadomasochism is accurately, insightful presented in the context of adult human sexuality, experience and tradition for the interested non-specialist general reader. SM 101 surveys the entire spectrum of consentual sadomasochistic practices from from bondage, to spanking, to erotic role-playing, and more. Now in an expanded second edition, SM 101 includes a new chapter on starting and running sadomaschistic organizations and events for consenting adults. Greenery Press has an extensive title list in the area of human sexuality and maintains a site on the World Wide Web with a complete roster of their publications in various aspects of human sexuality and practices.

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A Personal Note from Robin

In the SM-101 acknowledgements, Jay writes: "My thanks to Robin Roberts of BackDrop Club for being my first teacher. Robin has taught many valuable lessons to many people over the years, and he doesn't get the credit he deserves."


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