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For me the discovery of BDSM was relatively late in my (sex) life. I'd never given it any thought. What I saw on television was in my opinion usually weird and it did not do anything for me. I have been an exhibitionist all my life, but I was already 27 when a former boyfriend confronted me with SM and made me discovere my masochist side. Soon everything fell into place.

This boyfriend told me about his SM feelings and needs on our first date. Until then I never made the connection between SM and myself, but when the boyfriend told me about his sexual preferences, I did not find it weird or funny. Love makes blind they say. At that time I found it very interesting. I can remember my first spanking very clearly. I thought "I'm letting myself get slapped on the butt, do I like this?? Seconds later, yesssss! I like this".

In 1999 I met Bob on a Fetish/SM party, for me it was love at first sight. Bob had been much longer in the "scene" then me. I just had one year of BDSM "experience", but I had no experience in rope bondage what so ever. So Bob was the first one to put me in rope. I loved it right away!

It didn't take long before I started my own website with all the photos Bob took during our bondage sessions. Chantal's Voyage of Discovery was born. This website turned out to be a big success. I got a lot of positive reactions and a growing number of hits and fans. Soon we took a more serious path with a new site RopeMarks. In time our bondages, relationship and mutual love for bondage grew. By doing our bondage play at parties and because of the website we got requests to give workshops, demonstrations and shows.

Now RopeMarks is a big part of our lives were we put a lot of our free time in. It is fantastic to share your hobby with your partner like this.

In the years I learned that the way I talk about bondage makes it more accessible for a larger audience. I am very open and direct about my "hobby" and my way of life. It is no secret, my family and friends know what I do and accept it. If you accept your own way of life completely, the people around you will do as well. I've never had any problems with my masochistic side, it is who I am and if people can not accept that, it is their loss and not mine.


My love for the bound female form already showed itself at a very early age, the age of 8 when I started reading comics. One day, somewhere around the age of 10, I once again took my allowance (the huge amount of a few dollars) to my favorite second-hand comic shop. In the back of this shop was a small porn department. While waiting in line to pay for my second-hand comic I catched a glimpse of the magazine the man in front of me was paying for. The magazine had a black and white photo on the cover of a bound woman wearing only sexy lingerie. This was my first look at such a picture.

A few weeks later I myself was standing by the already mentioned porn department, looking for a magazine with a bound female. I think I never blushed as much as I did then when I paid for the magazine I found.

The Dutch, European, BDSM I was exposed to, had little serious bondage to offer, mainly the use of leather cuffs for restraining. The use of rope was minimal and aesthetics where not to be found. It was nice and exciting, but it was not -exactly- what I was "looking" for.

Around my 16th I got access to the internet through school (which was nothing compared to the internet of today). On the internet I started looking for information about BDSM. It was quick, easy and anonymous (still important aspects for current internet use). Besides a lot of information I also found, photos, a lot of photos, of Oriental women bound with rope. These photos where not just photos of bondage with leather or leather and rope, but there was beauty in the bondage, a purpose, an aesthetic. The bondage itself could be seen as art. The model served as a canvas where the artist could apply his ropes. The model became a living erotic piece of art. Not only did it look wonderful, it was also very arousing. The name I saw being used most for this was "Japanese bondage".

When I knew what I liked, Japanese bondage, I started concentrating on it. I started with looking, studying, the photos I found on the internet. The more I searched the internet, the more textual information I found.

With my first girlfriend I attempted my first bondage's. This kept growing and expanding with every girlfriend. Relations broke, but bondage kept my interest. Comics, SM magazines, bondage and the internet filled my youthful mind and became a returning factor in my life and relationships. When I met Chantal and found out that she shared my interest for bondage on the receiving end of the ropes, mine and our growth went very fast. Among other things this resulted in the website RopeMarks, our website.



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