Rocco Siffredi

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Rocco Siffredi

Background information
Alias(s): Rocco Lorenz, Rocco Siffedi, Rocco Sifferdi, Rocco Sifredi, Rocky Siffreddy, Roco Siffredi, Rocco Tano, The Italian Stallion
Birthdate: May 4, 1964 (age 53 )
Born as: Rocco Tano
Location: Ortona Mare, Italy
Height: 6' 3" / 1.91m
Measurments: 8.5 in (21.5cm)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Italian
IMDB #: 0797382
IAFD: RSiffredi
AFDB #: 216

This article is about a porn star

Rocco Siffredi, byname of Rocco Tano (born May 4, 1964) is an Italian pornographic actor, director and producer of pornographic movies. As of 2005, he has starred in over 1,300 pornographic films. Siffredi's screen name was reportedly inspired by a character from the movie Borsalino (1970), "Roch Siffredi", played by Alain Delon. He is also known as "the Italian Stallion", a reference to his penis size.

Porn career

Siffredi was born in Ortona, Abruzzo.

After starting his film career in France, he subsequently starred in films abroad in such varied locales as Budapest, Hungary (which later became the headquarters of his production company, Rocco Siffredi Produzioni), Canada, Russia, Brazil, and various Eastern European countries. He became famous in the pornographic film community for his penchant for anal sex and analingus, which built him a cult following over the course of his career.

Siffredi's films vary widely in content and tone. He has appeared in romantic adventures and comedies in the Vivid style, but his later work with John Stagliano's Evil Angel Video involve BDSM scenes in which Siffredi spits on women, slaps them, performs irrumatio and watersports (censored in U.S. versions), makes his co-stars gag during deepthroat, and occasionally pulls hair to the point of causing tears. On rare occasion, Siffredi himself has been the recipient of dominant sexual treatment, portraying the submissive in films like Rocco più che mai a Londra 2, Animal Trainer 11, and Il Marchese de Sade, appearing in drag in the latter.

Many of his films begin with affectionate, romantic scenes that turn into bouts of marathon violent anal sex. Climaxes often involve such activities as Siffredi focusing the camera on the distended anus of one of his female co-stars, spitting into it, ejaculating into it, and then having other co-stars clean the woman's anus with their tongues.

He has also produced and starred in "shemale" movies.

Siffredi took this tradition one step further when directing Never Say Never to Rocco Siffredi, when, filming in a park, Siffredi grabbed passing (presumed) strangers and then requested that his female co-stars perform oral sex on them. Although they appear genuine, it is not uncommon for such seemingly realistic scenes to be set up ahead of time by directors/producers. Despite the sometimes extreme nature of his genre of pornography, he has been consistently able to find young European actresses willing to star in his pictures.

In mainstream media

Siffredi is one of a few porn actors to enjoy crossover appeal and success with respect to other segments of the adult-film industry, as well as some in mainstream media. As a primary example, although his acting has been restricted exclusively to heterosexual pornography, his good looks have resulted in his attracting a large gay audience. In December 1990, Rocco was selected to pose as the nude centerfold in the adult mainstream magazine Playgirl. Depicted on the cover next to Rocco was the caption "At last, a centerfold to die for." This publicity improved Rocco's mass appeal to American porn audiences.

In 1999, he appeared in the controversial (due to BDSM themes and explicit sexuality) Catherine Breillat film Romance. His performance in this role was followed by a part specifically written for him by the same director in her 2003 film Anatomie de L'enfer (Anatomy of Hell), in which he plays a bisexual man who becomes sexually involved with a woman. Both films feature unsimulated sexual scenes involving Siffredi, although it is disputed whether he actually has intercourse with co-star Caroline Ducey in Romance. (She says no, Siffredi says yes.)

Siffredi is also visible in non-pornographic roles on Italian television, including:

  • Television commercials for Amica Chips, a snack food, which have spawned considerable controversy and have at one point been taken off the air.
  • With his wife, in a television commercial for 48248, an SMS service.
  • As the unwitting participant in an episode of Scherzi A Parte, a program similar to MTV's Punk'd.

Personal life

Siffredi has been married to Hungarian-born, naturalized Italian model (later porn actress but performed exclusively with Siffredi) and a former Miss Hungary Rosa Caracciolo (born Rozsa Tassi) since 1991.

In June 2004, Siffredi declared that he would retire from performing in porn for the sake of his children, and instead focus on filming and producing. "My children are growing up," he said, "and I can no longer just say 'Dad is going to work to make money for the family.' They want to know more."

However, as of 2008, Siffredi has continued to perform. Porn director Axel Braun told Adult Video News in 2004: "The problem is that he's been trying for years to find an 'heir to the throne,' but it's no easy task. He thought he found him in Nacho Vidal, but then Nacho went his own way."


Siffredi has won nearly 40 AVN Awards (list) since his first in 1991 for Best Group Sex Scene - Video (Buttman's Ultimate Workout). Among these are:

  • Best Director - Foreign Release (Who Fucked Rocco?)
  • Best Continuing Video Series (Rocco: Animal Trainer)
  • Best Director - Video (Ass Collector)
  • Male Performer of the Year in 1993, 1996 and 2003
  • Best Anal Sex Scene - Film (The Fashionistas)
  • Best Pro-Am Release (Rocco's Initiations 9)
  • Best Foreign Feature (Rocco: Animal Trainer 3)
  • AVN's Hall of Fame award.

He was recently voted #10 in AVN's list of the Top 50 Porn Stars of All-Time. He's received numerous other awards (far too many to list) including the prestigious Hot D'Or Platinum Award and XRCO Hall of Fame induction.

He was said to have taken a year off of working in front of the camera after having elected to be circumcised.


  • Siffredi is referenced in the Hold Steady song "Most People Are DJ's" from 2004's Almost Killed Me.
  • A Polish punk rock band - Anti Dread wrote song about Rocco: Roko na Sterydach (Rocco on Steroids).
  • The allegations about his penis size of 25 cm (9.5 inches) are clearly falsified. African American porn actor Lexington Steele is known for his exceptionally large penis of 25 cm (9.5 inches) and he undoubtfully outshines Siffredi. Though his penis is of more than average size it is certainly not larger than the 23 cm (9 inches) penis of Julian Rios or the 21.5 cm (8.5 inches) penis of spanish porn actor Nacho Vidal.
  • Siffredi starred in a popular italian commercial promoting a brand of potato chips. He was chosen because the italian term for "potato chips" (patatine) means also "pussies", making the commercial itself a double entendre. In the commercial he admitted that, while he tried many "patatine" in his life, that one was surely the best. The commercial was later banned.
  • Despite claiming to be heterosexual he has produced and starred in two transexual pornography videos, both of which are consider "extreme", condomless, and in one scene a transexual actor goes so far as to swallow his semen.


  • Nicolas Barbano: Verdens 25 hotteste pornostjerner (Rosinante, Denmark 1999) ISBN 87-7357-961-0: Features a chapter on him.

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