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Robot fetishism (also ASFR or technosexuality) is a fetishistic attraction to humanoid or non-humanoid robots; also to people acting like robots or people dressed in robot costumes. A less common fantasy involves transformation into a robot. In these ways it is similar to statuephilia, which involves attraction to or transformation into statues or mannequins.

Robot fetishism can be viewed as a form of erotic anthropomorphism. When transformation or roleplaying is involved it can be thought of as a form of erotic objectification.

One company, Kokoro Company Ltd., of Japan, produces Actroids (a portmanteau of "actor" and "android"). These human looking machines are used at visitor kiosks to provide travel information.


By its enthusiasts, robot fetishism is more commonly referred to by the initials ASFR. This acronym stems from the now defunct newsgroup Many devotees of this fetish refer to themselves as technosexual, or as "ASFRians". ASFR can be divided into two distinct but sometimes overlapping types of fantasies.

The first of these is simply a desire to have a ready-made android partner. This partner can be desired for sex, companionship, or any combination of the two. The main distinguishing feature of this fantasy is that the android is a completely artificial construct, manufactured solely to fulfil the wishes of its owner. This type of fantasy or situation is referred to as built.

The second type of fantasy prevalent within ASFR is referred to as transformation. This involves a human who has been either willingly or unwillingly turned into an android. That person can be either oneself or one's partner, or both. It is usually the process of transformation (through whatever means it is achieved) that is the focus of this fantasy.

Many people in the ASFR community prefer either one or the other. In some cases this preference is very strong, and people can be as equally repelled by one type as they are attracted to the other. In other cases, there is as much appreciation for built as there is for transformation. A recent informal survey of ASFR community members found that three fifths prefer built while the remainder prefer transformation or some combination of both.

From the film "Metropolis"
More information on this topic is available at [ Wikipedia:Robot_fetishism ]


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