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Restraints other than Rope

As you can imagine, the variety of restraints is as broad as your imagination. When the club was in Richmond, I was teaching a class on bondage and, (as part of that class) we would visit the local hardware store. It was the task of student to wander the aisles, picking up varied and sundry items and try to imagine a use for everything they touched. It was amazing how their fertile minds came up with some of the most bizarre items from the store, and worse, their choices of usage. (I did not KNOW that item could possibly fit in there!)

  • Handcuffs - If you are planning to buy handcuffs at all, look for the more commercial grades. You will pay about double, but it will be well worth the price. The $5.99 handcuffs that are for sale have a key made of pot metal that is quite brittle, and will break off in the lock. Peerless handcuffs (and others like them) have a double-locking feature. There is a little locking pin near the top of the handcuff. If you use the tab on the back side of the key to push that little pin in, it will prevent your handcuffs from become tighter. (Very important if you handcuff their hands behind their back!)
  • Saran Wrap - It can be purchased at almost any grocery store, and can be quite good at holding a person totally immobile. You can wrap legs individually, or the body as a whole, but remember that the human body needs air through the skin as well as air aspirated. (Saran wrap is invaluable in wrapping a cast on a broken foot so you can take showers!)
  • Mental Chains and Locks - Imagine that you have ordered to keep their hands clasped behind their back, or in some other position. If they break position, there will be some type of punishment that will follow.
  • Cuffs and Collars - these are readily available in stores and on the 'Net. When I was younger, (It was not THAT long ago!) I made restraint from belts I picked up in a thrift shop. By prudent shopping, I was able to make sets in a wide range of matching colors. You can make cuffs and collars from strips of leather, rubber, PVC and almost any other durable material. If you visit your local leather goods or tack shop, you can find a very broad range of goodies, ranging from saddles to pony bits.
  • A piece of thread - tie a thread from thumb to thumb, and order the slave not to break the thread. When I did this to one young lady, she said it was pure hell: SHE had to remember the limits of the thread so as not to break it.
  • Clothing as Bondage - There is more information at this link, but how about safety pinning the arms of their jacket to each other?
  • Sheets and Pillow Cases - I have found that if you place their arms into a pillow case behind their back, and then have them lay down, you have created a very inexpensive but effectual arm binder. The pillow case will hold their arms to their sides, but not cut off circulation.
  • Shoes - Go ahead and tell me that 7" high heels were made for walking!
  • Duct Tape and Vet wrap - The best thing I can say here is that Duct tape sticks to skin, Vet Wrap does not.
  • Vacuum beds - Two sheets of latex folded over a frame and then a vacuum cleaner is used to suck all the air out. Trust me. They will NOT be able to move with even just a little bit of vacuum.

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