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Monastic/religious M/F birching scene, possibly depicting padre Cornelius Adriaensen.

A religious authority figure is a person such as a priest, nun, monk or minister.


Spankings by religious authority figures

Such persons are traditionally granted with high authority. Countless stories abound regarding spankings given by those in the "church", church school, or monastary, regardless of denomination. Accounts of priests, nuns, monks and ministers/vicors who have swung the paddle, snapped the slipper, or taken a miscreant over their knee have been written about and discussed, for example in the 1845 German book Der Pfaffenspiegel. It is not surprising that these experiences then make their way in written spanking fiction or spanking art, cutting across the various pairings.

Regardless of any subliminal "undertones", these accounts and writings are specifically about the act of spanking. Sometimes in writing these accounts, the inference is that those who spank may hide their spanking fetish behind the pretense of church or positional "duty".

Films with religious-based punishments

Hooded monk birching two women (c. 1900s).

Mainstream films that depict punishments administered by authoritative nuns and priests:

  • 1974: School of the Holy Beast (F/F), Japanese convent film with various forms of sadomasochistic punishments and flagellation scenes including two topless nuns forced to whip each other.
  • 1977: Vanessa, soft core erotica, Olivia Pascal is whipped twice; by a nun in a convent and later by a man. (video at sevenload)
  • 1979: Images In a Convent (Nunsploitation, F/F), erotic whipping and lesbianism among nuns (Video clip at xHamster)
  • 1986: Convent of Sinners (F/F), Italian nunsploitation with self-flagellation and two nuns severely whipped.
  • 2002: The Magdalene Sisters (F/F), based in actual events, caning in a convent-like work house; video clip at YouTube
  • 2004: The Halfway House (2004), parody of exploitation films features a perverted priest who frequently paddles bad girls at a Catholic reform school.
  • 2009: Nine (M/m); a boy is caned by a Catholic priest.

A montage of whipping scenes from three nunsploitation films (including Images In the Convent and Convent of Sinners) can be seen at the Internet Archive.


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