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No fooling, no faking--this provocative adults-only video magazine criss-crosses the country to look at the mating methods of the '90s. Both frank and funny, it covers such titillating topics as phone sex, a stripping class, an auto-erotic workshop and the increasing popularity of explicit home videos. From Peoria to New York to Denver, find out what's "normal" in sex styles.


How do real people express the urge to merge? Get the provocative story in HBO's adults-only special as it takes you on a tour of America's mating habits, '90s style. Even hotter than last year's blockbuster Real Sex, this all-new video magazine uncovers new ways to make sex fun and exciting. Some of the titillating topics explored are: a"sluts and goddesses" workshop, a lunchtime peep show, the making of how-to videos and an "exotic circus" stripper.


Real Sex 1 and 2 broke new ground in sizzling, adults-only fare: are you ready for #3? From California to Italy, real people show and tell their private practices in an all-new, adults-only special. Sexy, funny and fascinating, this documentary magazine profiles the Italian porno star turned politician, Cicciolina, visits a house of domination in the South, peeks at the late-night TV craze of visual phone sex, and more. Spiced with man-on-the-street interviews, this provocative video expose is only on HBO.

REAL SEX 4 - 1992

The adults-only video magazine that spans the nation and the world to uncover more of the fun and unusual sexual practices of real people. From the Miss Nude World International contest to a European TV show where people strip for big prizes, Real Sex 4 proves once again that sex is the most fun you can have without laughing!


The adults-only video magazine that spans the nation and the world to uncover the fun and unusual sexual practices of real people. You'll meet a German grandma who runs a multi-million dollar sex shop empire, a popular Nevada stripper who moonlights as a boxer, a yuppie couple who are into S&M and lots, lots more!


HBO's hit, adults-only video magazine is back with more reports on the sexual practices of men and women from around the U.S. and the world! Attend a "Sex Maniac's Ball" in London... join a group of naked travelers on a "pleasure bus" in Brazil... and play "Virtual Valerie," the world's first interactive computer sex game. See our Interactive Sex Toy


Marianna Beck, Jolan Chang, Jack Hafferkamp, Peter LeGrand, Ralph Steinmeyer, Spencer Tunick, Michell Alexsei Weitsler

REAL SEX 8 - 1993

HBO spans the nation, the world and the imagination to uncover more fun and unusual sexual practices of real people in this adults-only video magazine. Visit a striptease school in newly liberated Russia. Join a group of naked male "sexual pioneers" in California. Look in on a Brazilian couple famous for their naked stage shows and outrageous lifestyle. And learn how to get the most out of a dirty movie.

Note: Real Sex #8 also visited the Exotic-Erotic Ball -- Susan and I had a cameo appearance

HBO's back with another adults-only look at the fun and unusual sexual practices of real people around the world! From the "Mr. Nude World" competition to a group of sexy girls who masquerade as guys; from the wild Swedish hostess of an erotic cable show to a couple whose business it is to listen while others talk dirty, it's the kind of adult programming you can only see on HBO.


Paris... San Francisco... Rio... New York... wherever it's happening, Real Sex is there to uncover more fun and unusual sexual practices of real people. In this adults-only video magazine, meet a photographer who specializes in dominatrixes and their dungeons; visit a cross-dressing academy where men learn how to be women; enter the virtual-reality world of a 3-D sex fantasy; and grab a front-row seat in Paris's classiest strip show, the world-famous Crazy Horse Saloon!

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