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The SM-201 Wiki was started just over three years ago in August 2007 and it has grown to what it is today, 19,500 plus pages (as of 1 Feb, 2011). The good news is that SM-201 has grown. The bad news is that it has grown a lot faster than I had EVER thought. For three consecutive months, we exceeded our "20-gig bandwidth limit".

Our ISP (Internet service provider) that hosts our wiki and webservice has advised us that we either needed to upgrade our service or cut back on what we provide our friends and clients.

In January of 2011, we moved our website to a new server with a 4 tera-byte bandwidth limit to placate our ISP. Unfortunately, that bigger bandwidth also costs significantly more dollars. Our costs jumped from $287/annually to $1,100/annually.

I can afford to carry the site for the next year, but the following year is up for grabs. I think twenty people paying only $50 per year will cover our costs. If you would like to help, contact me.

It is now up to you, our users, to decide what SM-201 will do in Jan 2012.

Our address is:
The BackDrop Club
Post Office Box 390486
Mountain View, California 94039-0486

Email address is - Click here to send email

BackDrop Club telephone number is:
Our fax number is:


Club Calendar:
Calendar is at
The SM-201 staff can be contacted through the BackDrop Club offices at 650-965-4499
The BackDrop sessions staff can be contacted at 650-965-4499 or 650-793-3001