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The Railroad Man's Magazine was a pulp magazine which began October, 1906.

The magazine was published under different names and formats throughout its history. It was the first specialized pulp with stories and articles about the railroads. In 1919, it merged with Argosy which became Argosy and Railroad Man’s Magazine for a brief period before reverting to Argosy, thus killing Railroad Man's Magazine.

In 1929, when freelance author William Edward Hayes announced he was bringing out a new railroad-oriented pulp, the Munsey company recruited him to edit a revival of Railroad Man's Magazine. He was soon replaced by Freeman H. Hubbard. In 1932, the title was simplified to Railroad Stories, then changed to Railroad Magazine in 1937. After December 1942, Railroad Magazine was published by Popular Publications, which purchased the Munsey Company. It dropped fiction after August, 1954.

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Railroad Men's Magazine (and later Argosy (magazine) ) both a a wide range of stories and articles, some fact some fiction. Many or the fiction stories lended themselves to "one-handed reading".

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