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Why are listings crossed out, but not removed?

As you go through our Resource Guide pages, you will no doubt see that some listings have been crossed out but not deleted.

You will, no doubt ask your self, "Now, why in the world would they do that?"

Our Resource Guide has many purposes, one of which is to serve as a "Historical Document", listing groups which "have been" as well as "currently are" active.

We are hoping that perhaps the person or group has merely moved, and that we have merely lost contact with them. If this is the case and you see your name here, please contact us so we can update our guide.

The other reason is that we hope that, in seeing their name, it will bring back a few fond memories that you might care to share with us on the discussion pages.

Either way, if someone is doing a search for a specific group by name or zip code, the name will appear, letting our readers know that although the group may have "Gone on to that Great Dungeon in the Sky" but they have not been forgotten. <g>

Also, if you look on a page and you see that has a high percentage of names that have been crossed out, it might push you into adding your name (or the name of someone in your area) to our list.

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Abbreviations, Definitions & Codes used in this Guide

Why are old listings crossed out, but not removed?

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