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To use this template ---
  1. create a "user record" and password for the client
  2. copy the text in the box below to your computers clipboard <ctl-c>
  3. create the next unused rl record number available and go into edit mode
  4. paste the text on the clipboard to the new rl record <ctl-v>
  5. edit the new infobox record as needed
  6. edit the appropriate "Resource Guide" page (you can use the index at the top of this page)
    • insert the clients name, address and other purtinent info
    • insert a link to the new client rl page
    • you can also create link on the links pages
  7. you can create an article page (make sure you crosslink article and rl client page)

Also see the page [ RL-Edit ]

(If the discussion tab (at the top) is blue, there is more information there)
Information updated by Robin Roberts at 10:21, 13 October 2006 (PDT)

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Why are old listings crossed out, but not removed?

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