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RCR-68 Party Report

Literally weeks in the making, RCR-68 was a resounding success.

LoRRett and the girls put in a lot of effort into make sure that everyone had a lot of cake and champagne, I made sure there was real pain.

The entire Fantasy Makers facility was filled with food, and delectable's. It seemed like all of the ladies went out of their way to dress up for the event, (I must say that the purple dress worn by Abbie was quite spectacular.)

About 9pm, everyone gathered in the kitchen/staff lounge. I opened and read all of the "heart felt" and "sincere" birthday cards (NOT!), and opened gifts. The cake was a a prehistoric jungle, replete with volcano and dinosaurs; probably some inane reference to my age

As is the tradition, several ladies lined up to receive my birthday spanking. (after all, Masters don't get spanked) and the annual countdown.

Another "birthday tradition" is for everyone in attendance must tell the group something good that has happened within the past year.

On the way back to Mountain View, we stopped at the San Leandro Denny's where we had an early morning breakfast (I had steak and eggs with cheese cake for dessert - life is short - eat dessert often!)

To close the evening, some of us stopped at the local strip bar / watering hole where Mara did the obligatory birthday lap dance for "His Honor"

(Yes, I really enjoyed my party this year, especially unwrapping the present dressed in purple.)

To all of my friends and family, a big thank you for a wonderful party and I'm really looking forward to RCR-69.


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