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Every year, we hold what has become known as the "Great August Festival" anchored by a bondage/birthday party. RCR-67 is the "official designation" of Robins 67th birthday party to be held on 18th of August, 2008.

Although this event is usually held at the BackDrop clubhouse, it has also been held at a wide range of venues, including the Ringling Bros Circus. This year we have reserved a special, private playspace for this event.

Pictures from RCR-64 can be seen at http://www.backdrop.net/rr/rcr-64/

Some of the events sceduled for the "Great August Festival" will include:

  • 18 August
Play/Birthday party
  • 22-24 August
We plan to ride the rails aboard a very special "California Zephyr" to Reno, NV. The Zephyr rolls out of Oakland, CAlifornia, through the the Sierras (and their spectacular mountain vistas) into Reno the same evening. We will stay in Reno overnight and see what variety of trouble we can get into. The following day, we will bus to Western Pacific Rail Museum in Portola, California. That evening we will return to Reno for a second night. The next morning, we will board the Zephyr for our return to Oakland.
California Zephyr webpage

More events will be added to this list as we approach August.

For an invitation to attend any of these events, call The BackDrop Club offices at 650-965-4499.


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