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Facesitting, also known as Kinging or Queening, is a sexual practice in which a sexual partner sits on or over the other partner's face, typically to allow oral-genital or oral-anal contact, or to further ass worshipping. It is common for this position to form part of BDSM, involving dominance and submission, though this need not be the case.

Facesitting is most common among dominant women and submissive men, and also vice-versa, as a form of demonstrating superiority as well as for sexual gratification. It is also practiced by vanilla couples, who use this position for woman on top cunnilingus (with the woman kneeling over the man, and sitting on his upper chest rather than face), or irrumatio and teabagging. The difference between facesitting and the similar practice of smothering is that in the latter, the partner being smothered is deprived of air, while facesitting does not necessarily involve oxygen deprivation.

The full-weight body-pressure, moisture, masculine or feminine odors and darkness can be perceived as powerful sexual attractions or compulsions.

Sometimes special furniture is used, such as a "queening stool" or "smotherbox".

A queening stool is a low seat which fits over the submissive's face and contains an opening to allow oral-genital and/or oral-anal stimulation of the domme while seated. In modern BDSM vernacular, the queening stool allows open access to the crotch while seated. The position allows the pelvic floor muscles (PFM) to relax and therefore partly exposing the labia minora to intimate touch. The gluteus maximus and levator ani muscles, the major muscles of the crotch, can relax and sag allowing easy access to the vagina and anus. The queening stool is also related to a "smotherbox", which also allows the person under the seat to be locked in place, restrained by the neck as in a set of stocks.

A smotherbox (or smothering box) has two openings. One is in a vertical side of the box for the neck of the person who has their head inside the smotherbox. The other is in the top of the box to expose their face. The inside of a smotherbox is often padded to provide support for their neck and prevent their head from moving. The padding may also muffle noises from the outside, causing a relaxation effect and heightening their other senses.

The website of Affordable Leather, the manufacturers of the Queening Stool shown above


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