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Punished magazine was published by House of Milan

PUNISHED! 2/09 (1988) 'Rehabilitation techniques of a women's penal institution.' More torment for Rhonda DuBarry.

PUNISHED! 2/10 (1988) 'Rehabilitation techniques of a women's penal institution.' Babes behind bars, including Jade East.

PUNISHED! 2/11 (1989) With Gina Carrera: punished porn slut and Jade East bound to a ladder and a blonde.

PUNISHED! 2/12 (1989) With Jade East ladder bound and many types of gags.

PUNISHED! 3/01 (1990) Suspension & dual ladder bondage.

PUNISHED! 3/02 (1990) Stacy Bell, Feather, Whitney Prescott, Casee, Kiri Kelly, Ashley Cole and Diamond Lane.

PUNISHED! 3/03 (1990) Saber, Gina Carrera, Marilyn Rose, Crystal, Geneva, Shelly and Holly Davidson.

PUNISHED! 3/04 (1991) Fawna, Brandi Barstow, Natasha Skyler, Avalon, Geneva, Heather Sinclair and Ashley Synclaire.

PUNISHED! 3/06 (1992) Patricia Kennedy, Trish, Veronica Vixen, Mercy, Saber and Joanna Gee.

PUNISHED! 3/07 (1993) Ashley Renee, Stephanie Rage, P. J. Sparxx, Toni Chase, Grace Scott, Brazil & Lira Ross.

PUNISHED. 3/08 (1993) Shelby, Lyla, Mollie Dahl, Chastity & "Loretta's Ordeal" by Josh Edwards.

PUNISHED. 3/09 (1993) Amanda Sable, Chris Collins, BeBe LeBadd, Greta Karlson & Summer Knight. With "A Bad Day for Buffy" by Master Ray.

PUNISHED. 3/10 (1994) Amber Smith, Ashley Renee, Cie Cie, Kitten Navitidad, Anisa, Sharon Mitchell & Jessica (a.k.a. Geneva). With Master Ray's "Eve Comes of Age".

PUNISHED. 3/11 (1994) Teri Diver, Mercy, Shelby Stevens, Crimson, Lilli Xene, Lana Sands, Patricia Kennedy, Lira and "Trying a Different Tack" by Mike Diablo.

PUNISHED. 3/12 (1994) Lauren Taylor, Tina Fox, Vickie Powers, C. J. Bennett, Jessica (a.k.a. Geneva), Lacey Whiting & Barbara Langston.

PUNISHED. 4/01 (1995) Isadora Rose, Desi DeAngelo, Samantha St. James, BeBe LeBadd, Phoenix, Laura Lea & Joy Foxx. With "Tropical Mistake" by Josh Edwards.

PUNISHED. 4/02 (1995) Sage Lawrence, Bobbi Brandt, Greta Carlson, Samantha St. James & Tina Fox. With "The Orgasm Academy" by A. E.

PUNISHED. 4/03 (1995) Kytana, Stacey Lane, Kira, Geneva, Alex Jordan, Gina Share, Alabama and "Danielle and the Protoplasmic Alien" by Josh Edwards.

PUNISHED. 4/04 (1996) Brooke Waters, Nancy Vee, Liberty, Gema Talons, Red, Lauralie & GiGi. With "Future Tense" by Bob Evans.

PUNISHED. 4/05 (1996) Gina Rome, Christina West, Cinnamon, Lennox, Keanna, Brittany O'Connell, Vanessa & Ebony. With "Sculptured" by Josh Edwards.

PUNISHED. 4/06 (1996) Taj Mahal, Glenda, Ashleigh Taylor, Sharon Kane, Scarlett Fever, Liberty, Brenda, Kelly Wyatt & "Circle of Discipline" by Red Marks.

PUNISHED. 4/08 (1997) Alexandra Chareese, Shelby, Charlie, Scarlett Fever, Silk Angel, Morella & Hazel Petrault. With "A Savage Beat" by Red Marks

PUNISHED. 4/09 (1997) Deva Station, Epiphany, Hunter, BeBe LeBadd, Toni, Paisley Hunter, Gina Share & "Ma Vie S'est Arretee" by Corey Halloran.

PUNISHED. 4/10 (1998) Bella, Randi Rage, Juliette Jette, Frankie, Kelli Thomas, Tina Fox, Alex Storm & Hunter. With "New Girl in the Harem" by A. E.

PUNISHED. 4/12 (1999) Cassey, June Bauer, Patricia Kennedy, Ember Haze, Miss Cat, Toni Town, Morella, Fiero and "Tanya's Lesson" by S. D.


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