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Predicament bondage is the art of restraining a person in such a way that there is a limited number of positions in which they can move (usually two), both of which are so uncomfortable or painful that they are unable to maintain either position. Forced to shift their weight or position, they place themselves in the other, equally uncomfortable position. The person restrained will try over and over again to find a position that will bring them comfort, but to no avail.

For example, someone may be tied so that they are forced to stand on tiptoes. Any attempt to stand with feet flat on the ground will cause their genitals, which are also tightly bound, to be slowly pulled. Eventually, the foot muscles will tire, and they will no longer be able to stand on tiptoe causing the genital ropes to tighten causing a second form of pain. To relieve the pain on their genitals, they must again try to attain a position which will cause pain in their feet.

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Suggestions (?)

  • My Master straps my arms together behind my back and makes me bend over. Then he takes a pair of clamps fastening one to my left nipple and the other to my right labia. then another set of clamps on the other nipple and labia. then i have to walk around the room in circle while he sits and watches knowing that eventually im going to try to straighten up and will rip off the clamps.
  • This is a favorite form of bondage of mine. Usually I will tie the bottom standing in a doorframe blindfolded. A crotch harness will either keep them in a crouch or on their toes. Wrists will be connected to nipple &/or labia rings thru eyelets in the doorframe. I do this in an asymmetrical way so the the right hand will be attached to the left nipple & the right labia with the left done likewise. If I am in the mood I will weight the hands or put candles under them to keep the stress on them & keep them moving.
  • The following are a few of the many possible positions you can achieve using predicament bondage:
    • Bottom stands with bent legs, genitalia connected to toes, floor, spreader bar, or heavy weight
    • Bottom on all fours, knees off floor at varying heights with genitalia tied to adjustable ceiling winch
    • Bottom stands tiptoe with chest on stool, genitalia tied to ceiling winch
    • Bottom lies on slanted, sliding surface, hands tied overhead, legs supporting weight of body, genitalia tied so legs must remain bent
    • Bottom tied doggie style, wrists tied up to high bedposts or to spreader bar attached to adjustable winch, head or neck down tied to knees or feet
    • Bottom on his/her back, head harness tied to balls or to feet
  • Here are a few ideas for predicaments without the rope:
    • Bottom plays "52 card pick-up" with genitalia tied to toes, spreader bar, or heavy weight (or, told to find the king of spades, which the top has conveniently stored in his/her back pocket)
    • Bottom places nose on an "X" higher or lower than is comfortable, preferably wearing dunce cap, ass exposed for well-deserved caning
    • Bottom holds object with chin against chest for prolonged period of time
    • Bottom kneels with arms outstretched to the sides and holds objects for prolonged amount of time. Suggested objects: phone books, cups of water (to make this even more difficult, the Bottom may be made to kneel on uncooked rice or coarse grade sand paper)

Safety issues:

There can be safety issues with predicament bondage. The top not only needs to consider the mechanics of the predicament that they are placing their captive in, but also what will happen should the captive faint or become too weak to support themselves. Specifically, the top needs to consider how to release the captive unaided should they faint and if they faint or are unable to support themselves will they cause injury to themselves.
  • Based on an article titled "Predicament_bondage" at Wipipedia and is used in accordance with GFDL

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