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Police, or a police officer (policeman or policewoman, gender-wise), is a person who has legal authority and training to prevent, deter and detain criminals from all branches of crime.

Police and spanking

"Auf der Polizeiwachstube" (at the police post), watercolor painting by Helga Bode.

In the past (and in some countries to the present day), police officers would give corporal punishment to offenders, typically in the rooms of their police post. This included spankings for juvenile offenders, for example, in the United Kingdom, caning]s or birchings.

Police officer roles in BDSM

Police officers have commonly been associated with BDSM culture, primarily for the fact that they symbolize authority and often deal with restraints. Police officers are commonly equipped with handcuffs, which are a major BDSM element as a simple restraint. Sometimes, police are looked up to for their ability to use force and beat a subject, something found erotic in certain cultures.

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