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Pocketing is often described as an "anti-piercing." In piercing, the middle of the jewelry is under the skin and the ends are exposed. In pocketing, the ends of the jewelry are under the skin, and middle is exposed. Small "pockets" hold the jewelry in place.

The jewelry is, generally, just a custom curved bar with rounded ends (no beads or anything, just a smooth end). It is extremely important that the jewelry be perfectly fitted to the skin. Other people have suggested that inverse surface bars may be more appropriate, but the basic model is the same.

Almost all pocketings reject and have a similar rejection rate to traditional surface piercings. Placement is extremely important. Depending on the way the skin moves, the pocketed jewelry could actually fall out or stretch incorrectly.


Given the choice, your body doesn't want foreign objects inside itself, and that includes piercings. Rejection occurs when it is "easier" for your body to push the piercing out like a splinter than it is for your body to heal a fistula (skin tunnel) around it. Rejection is common among surface piercings as well as navel piercings and eyebrow piercings among others. Rejection is affected by placement, blood flow, irritation and abuse, as well as your general health. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to have problems.



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