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Plushie is the vanilla term for a stuffed animal or a plush animal. Plushies are usually made in the form of some type of animal, with 'teddy bears' being the most common. Plushie is also used as a short term to refer to a person who is a plushophile.


A plushophile is someone who has a fetish for plushies. This ranges from one who collects them to one who has sex with a plushie to one who dresses in a costume to become a Plushie themselves.


Furvert (a portmanteau of furry" and "pervert") specifically refers to someone who behaves in a lewd manner in public while identifying themselves as a 'furry', or in order to identify themselves as a 'furry'. The term was coined in the earliest days of furry fandom, initially as a joke, later as a pejorative term, and today merely as a descriptor. The term was used on an episode of the TV series ER, episode 155: Fear of Commitment.

The earliest known regular usage of the term was in reference to the first open-membership furry Amateur Press Association ("APA") magazine, "Furversion", which first published in May of 1987. Karl Maurer, the magazine's publisher, is credited with starting the ongoing practice of using puns involving the word "fur" to indicate Furry activities (hence a comic called Furrlough, a convention called ConFurence, and so on).

Despite rumors to the contrary, "furvert" never meant "furry convert", and there has never been a term created for such a phrase. Furries are simply "furries"; no distinction is made between "converts" or any other type of furry. Nor has "furvert" ever referred to those aroused by sexual furry art outside of the fandom, except when used specifically in the pejorative by non-furries referring to other non-furries who evince a taste for such material.

Furry and Plushophile Terms

This covers a list of sexual terms used in the furry fandom and by plushophiles. Most are taken from WikiFur, the furry fandom wiki.

  • Boink space: Plushie term for the area or spot on a plush toy that's pleasing to poke sexually.
  • Burned Furs: A movement set up in 1999 to stop perversion in the furry fandom.
  • Freezing Furs: A short lived counter-movement to the Burned Furs.
  • Furotica: Furry erotica or furry pornography.
  • Furplay: Foreplay.
  • Furspeech: Furry slang and language.
  • Fursona: A seperate furry identity used by a furry.
  • Fursuit: A suit worn by a furry to look like an animal.
  • Furvert: Someone who is sexually aroused by erotic furry art, stories etc.
  • Insert or Sleeve: The sewn-in lining of a Strategically Placed Hole (see SPH) built inside a plush toy.
  • Meat Sex: Plushie term for sexual intercourse, or copulation, with a "biological" (i.e. human) partner.
  • Muzzlefuck: Sexual act where the muzzle is thrust into a vaginal opening; alternatively, oral sex.
  • Owner: Master or Mistress.
  • Paw or Paw off: Masturbation.
  • Pet: Slave.
  • Plush plunging: Poking a plush toy.
  • Plushgasm: The ultimate sexual climax (orgasm) due to prolonged sexual physical stimulation elicited by making love with a plush toy.
  • Pokable: "Male only" term for the area or spot on a plush toy that's pleasing to poke sexually.
  • SPA (Strategically Placed Appendage): A phallic-like object added to a plush toy for sexual purposes.
  • SPH (Strategically Placed Hole): A modified hole or aperture added to a plush toy for sexual purposes.
  • Spoo, spooge: Semen.
  • Spoogy: Art drawn with deliberate pornographic intent.
  • Yiff: Furry sex.
  • Yiffy: Sexually aroused (person), sexually arousing (art), or one frequently sexually aroused (person).
  • To yiff or be yiffing: To perform cybersex or sexual intercourse, mostly used when describing sex between one fur and another.
  • Yiffable: Someone that is sexually attractive.
  • Yiffiness: Noun form of yiffy.
  • Zoot-Sex, Zoot Sex or Fursuit Sex: Having sex (simulated or not) while one or all parties are wearing a fursuit.

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