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First issue cover

Planet Stories was a pulp science fiction magazine, published by Fiction House with a total of 71 issues appeared between 1939 and 1955. It featured a particular kind of romantic, swashbuckling adventure in a science fiction context, and was renowned for its colorful covers, typically featuring a young woman in (for the time) rather scanty apparel. For a brief time it was edited by Jerome Bixby. Twenty years later many of these stories were reprinted in paperback as space opera or science fantasy.

Reprints of Planet Stories, published under the same title, were published in the United Kingdom from March 1950 through September 1954 and in Canada from Fall 1948 through March 1951.

Famous contributors

  • Among the authors who were spotlighted in Planet Stories were Poul Anderson, Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, and Alfred Coppel.
  • Philip K. Dick's first published story "Beyond Lies the Wub" and others

Planet Stories novels

In 2007, Paizo Publishing announced a line of re-printed classic science fantasy novels also called Planet Stories. Their first four books are Almuric by Robert E. Howard, The Anubis Murders by Gary Gygax, City of the Beast/Warrior of Mars by Michael Moorcock, and Black God's Kiss by C.L. Moore. Paizo Publishing's press release stated the Gygax and Howard novels would be out in August 2007 with the others releasing one at a time over the following months. Other announced authors include Leigh Brackett and Henry Kuttner.

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