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by Xenarra

This book would not have been possible without the love and support of many people. Much thanks to my husband, Bob, for his love and support; to Roland and Carol who proved it is possible to get published: to Robin, David, Geoff, George, Jack, Charles, Stephen, and James for teaching me the difference between a Master and a jerk, and to Crys, Jennifer, Kelley, Sonya, and friends yet unmet at The Backdrop Club in California for their continuous flow of love and prodding to finish.

All characters and events contained in this work are fictitious. Any similarity between these characters and actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This work may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author.

  • Perfection - Chapter 01 - "Are you the man of my dreams? 6' +, dark hair & eyes, bearded, and "that look". Physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.
  • Perfection - Chapter 02 - Because she could "feel" his presence, she woke. Her hands were no longer bound behind her.
  • Perfection - Chapter 03 - Heavy scents, masculine scents. She slowly came into awareness and stretched her arms up,
  • Perfection - Chapter 04 - "Shower. Got to take a shower. Hot water." She was operating on a level only slightly higher than barely conscious.
  • Perfection - Chapter 05 - On the other side of the glass, Devora had just returned carrying a bucket of soapy water in one hand,
  • Perfection - Chapter 06 - Constance, head down, naked ass high in the air, dared not breathe.
  • Perfection - Chapter 07 - It had been six weeks since that first night. Constance had worked hard to please Seth.
  • Perfection - Chapter 08 - Sitting beside the sleeping old man every day, Constance had time to sort out all that had transpired since she had arrived.
  • Perfection - Chapter 09 - The car bumped along in silence. Constance grew more afraid to speak as the miles flew by and her new Master said nothing.
  • Perfection - Chapter 10 - The word was whispered into the telephone, but Constance could hear Mike's voice in the next room
  • Perfection - Chapter 11 - Panic gripped Constance by the throat. There was no way she was going to accept Jim as a Master,
  • Perfection - Chapter 12 - A casual observer would never have noticed anything amiss, but Garrett Harris was far from a casual observer.
  • Perfection - Chapter 13 - Garrett wandered the streets for over an hour, seeking answers to his impossible questions.
  • Perfection - Chapter 14 - There were people touching her. At first she thought they were just mosquitos,
  • Perfection - Chapter 15 - All heads turned and followed Garrett's departure. Dr. Robbinson's eyes sought out Lyrrane,
  • Perfection - Chapter 16 - Her knees hurt. These days it seemed her knees always hurt. But nobody hurt her here,
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