Painful Pleasures

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Title: Painful Pleasures
( Information from the BiblioCuriosa website )

Illustrator(s): Francis Heuber
Illustration(s): 10 full page B&W illustrations, 8 head and tail pieces.
Pages(s): 283
Publisher: Gargoyle Press
Pages: 283
Painful Pleasures is an adaptation and translation of extracts from the French work Fustigations vécues by Jean de Villiot (Paris, Charles Carrington, 1907) and various letters from the Correspondance section of works published by Jean Fort in the Collection des Orties Blanches, like Jacques d'Icy's Paulette trahie (ca. 1924).

Paradoxically, most of the texts contained in Fustigations vécues are English texts translated in French: some of the 'Eight Genuine Letters' are a translation of Indecent Whipping (1885). The chapters from Le Fouet by H. Baker are from an English work of unknown origin. Other short stories like 'Flagellations at Clifton' and 'The Adventure of Miss Flossie Evans' may very well also be translations from English works.

"Painful Pleasures" is in our general library


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