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A young man receives an over-the-knee spanking from his Asian governess. By OTTO

The over-the-knee position, often abbreviated OTK, is perhaps the most popular spanking position. The spanker takes a seat and lays the spankee sideways over his/her lap, face down, bottom up. This position leaves the spankee entirely at the spanker's disposal. The spankee can be kept in position well; once in position, he/she normally cannot get away or up until the spanker permits it. The spanker can use one arm and hand to hold the spankee in place while he/she spanks with the other hand. The spanker can also lift one leg over both legs of the spankee, thus further restraining the spankee, particularly in regards to kicking, and causing a sharper upward bend of the spankee's body at the bottom.

OTK is the classical position for hand-spankings and spankings with a short implement such as a hairbrush or a ping-pong paddle. It is not good for long implements such as whips or canes, which require greater distance.

For erotic spanking, this position can be desirable because the spanker and the spankee have a very close body contact.

OTK enhancement

  • The "Bottoms-Up" aspect of OTK spanking should be considered "key" when preparing to administer an over the knee hand spanking. The most important function of the spanker's lap is being a platform that ensures control for the spanker and a proper angle of "presentation" of the spankee's bared posterior. All of the usual aspects of control and reaction in over-the-knee spanking are heightened, with this "bottoms up, head lower" positioning. This is done by creating a narrow platform, with spanker's knees held close together, and one leg dropped and one leg elevated. The result is usually a jutting, elevated posterior.
  • The arc of travel of the slap is a partner that fits well with the heightened presentation of the bottom. The arc of travel is neat, tight and a true arc, oval or circular in direction, hopefully arriving in a slight "up-swing" when making connection with elevated posterior cheeks. Coupling the arc of travel with a fluid wrist makes for an effortless "applauding" of the bottom, creating quite a sting. The spanker should strive to remain in control, sitting erect over the spankee, and enjoying their control from both an operative and visual aspect. Spanking in a calm controlled manner, yet with measured enthusiasm, will ensure proper control and could possibly be more memorable for the spankee than a severe spanking.

Note both drawings depicting the "Bottoms Up" presentation method and its results. One drawing is a labeled diagram, and display both F/m and F/M examples.


  • The frontal over-the-lap position and the tucked-under-the-arm position are similar, but here the spankee is at a different position.
  • The spanker can also sit further back on a couch or bed and then place the spankee sideways over his/her lap so that he/she is in a horizontal lying position, upper body and legs resting on the bed/couch. This can be more comfortable for both the spankee and the spanker, as it takes much of the spankee's weight from the spanker's lap and from the spankee's stomach.
  • The straddling position is another variant. The spanker places the spankee astride one or both knees, along the lap instead of over it. The result is that the spankee "rides" the lap.
  • The two spankees OTK position, in which two spankees are simultaneously spanked in the normal OTK position, over the same lap, side by side.
  • The over two laps position.
  • The over-one-knee position, in which the spankee is bent over only one of the spanker's knees.



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