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Ssr.jpg A story or article written by Robin Roberts

  • There is much speculation as to when and/or where bondage really originated. But most of our experts our true bondage enthusiasts who have researched the subject thoroughly. say bondage originated in the Far East, where the inflicting of shame and humility of the subservient female was a way of life. Nevertheless, in the next decade or two, as tons of literature has appeared on the subject, more and more people have become interested in bondage as a means of sexual expression. And because of the sexual freedom that has become prevalent in our society over the past few years, it is quite easy for the bondage enthusiast to locate others having similar desires. Thus, bondage clubs and cults are growing in number. Psychiatrists have labeled (they have a label for every¬thing) bondage as being erotic, as being beyond the normal sexual patterns of society as a whole. Some have even labeled bondage enthusiasts as weird and perverted. Naturally, we at THE B&D CLUB disagree, though we do not take offense, to the words and writings and labels of our learned friends, the psychiatrists. No, we do not take offense, for we believe that here; in a free society, each and every one of us should he able to say what's on his mind. We also believe that here, in a free society, man and woman, couples or groups, should he allowed the freedom of self expression, whether it be mentally, spiritually, or sexually. You should be allowed to practice whatever your thing is, as long as it doesn't mentally or physically endanger the health or welfare of another human being unless that human being consents to having his or her health or welfare endangered.
  • We have found, over the years, that those "authorities" who speak the loudest and longest against bondage and its related activities know very little about the subjects -- except from a clinical point of view. They have very little first hand experience, or the experience they've had was distasteful. They have not taken the time to investigate the excitement or the beauty of a total bondage experience. Or possible the one bondage experience they half heartedly went into wasn't handled wish enough class to fill a thimble. Anyway, let's let get back to the main theme of this article, which is bondage. Bondage is a sexual expression and dominates a sexual drive in varying degrees, according to the individual. Bondage enables the captor to look upon himself as "The King", "The Master", who has complete authority to control and sexually use and enjoy the captive. To most of us, bondage is an exciting and stimulating game, To some of us, bondage controls our entire existence. Sadism does play an active role in bondage; however great I however slight depends upon the needs and desires of each individual. Some of us like to mentally feel that we are inflicting pain on our captive, while others are actually doing so. Though it is not generally the case, some often substitute bondage and sadism for normal "coitus". though these cases are few and far between,it is these Poole society looks upon when passing out labels. Whatever happened to the rest of us? Bondage is probably the most common act of all sexual deviations (we have deviated from normal intercourse). Sadism, coupled with bondage, puts the victim into a position of helplessness and humiliation. And the desire to hurt or destroy the victim becomes foremost on the captor's mind. However, let us make it perfectly clear about this point, that this desire is in the mind of the captor, and not in the will of the captor.


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