Nena Cherry

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Nena Cherry
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Background information
Alias(s): Nine De Rosa, Nena Cherry, Nina Anderson, Nena Anderson
Birthdate: Nov 26, 1969
Location: Houston, Texas USA Flag of USA.png
# Films: 115 (per IAFD)
Height: 5' 2" / 1.57m
Weight: 101 lbs / 46 kg
Hair color: Brown/Blonde
IMDB #: 0156104
IAFD: NCherry
AFDB #: 1861
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This article is about a porn star

Nena Cherry (born Dawn Marie Anderson on November 26, 1969 in Houston, Texas) is a bleached-blond American porn actress who has appeared in over 100 pornographic films. She gained a particular amount of fame for filming many scenes involving anal sex and/or double penetration. She is sometimes credited as "Nina Cherry" or "Nena Anderson". In late 1996, results for Cherry's HIV tests came back "indeterminate". It was widely reported that she had tested positive, and some sources even insisted that the actress deliberately continued to work in films after learning of these results. She later singled out former porn star Brandy Alexandre, amateur videographer Mike South and porn journalist Luke Ford as her "main attackers". Cherry has vehemently denied ever testing positive, and insists that in fact later, more advanced tests proved that she was negative. Such a furor arose over the issue, however, that she left the industry and returned to Texas. She has stated that after the HIV test uproar, she was harassed and even physically assaulted several times. Cherry later reported that she discovered she has a form of discoid lupus which may have accounted for the strange HIV results. In September 1997, Cherry married a man who is not involved in the adult film industry.

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