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Nazi exploitation, also called Nazisploitation, is a World War II film genre produced mostly in Italy between 1975 and 1980. It is an offshoot of the violent "roughie" exploitation genre of the '60s and the later Women in Prison films (see that entry for more information).

In these lurid, low-budget features, female prisoners held in brutal Nazi-run brothels or concentration camps are sexually abused, punished, forced into slave labor or used for horrific medical experiments. Filmmakers such as Jess Franco and Sergio Garrone freely exploited well-known stories of Nazi atrocities as an excuse to wallow in every type of shocking and degrading misogynistic fantasy imaginable.

All of these films carry an underlying theme of dominance and submission, with sexually perverse commandants (and dominatrix-like female SS officers) indulging in cruel S&M scenarios that had never been seen in mainstream films.

With the harsh prison camp setting and the evil Nazis as villains, it was possible to depict all sorts of barbaric punishments, whippings, beatings, humiliations, bondage, sexual slavery, and so on.

The first true Nazisploitation film was Love Camp 7 (1968), an obscure grindhouse feature with lots of nudity, forced prostitution, simulated rough sex, and an intense and explicit belt-spanking scene. It was not until 1974 with the release of the surprise hit Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS that the genre took hold. Ilsa, about a queen-bitch SS dominatrix, spawned three sequels and dozens of imitators such as She Wolf of Spilberg (1979).

Some of the more notable films with fetishistic whippings include: SS Experiment Camp (aka SS Experiment Love Camp), SS Girls (1977), SS Extermination Camp, aka Women's Camp 119, et al. (1977), Gestapo's Last Orgy (aka Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler), and Achtung! The Desert Tigers (1977).

The uncut European version of Train spécial pour SS aka Helltrain, Love Train for the SS, Hitler's Last Train (1977), features two fetishistic spanking scenes. First, a German officer whips a masochistic prostitute with his riding crop as a form of sexual foreplay. (This scene is often deleted from export prints.) There is also a brief pony play segment with another officer pony-riding a girl and smacking her with his glove. The other major scene occurs when partisans capture the train and give one of the prostitutes a vigorous over-the-knee hand spanking (an especially long scene edited down in some prints). A female German officer is also humiliated and spanked on all fours while being ridden like a pony. (See video clips.)

Private House of the SS, aka Casa privata per le SS, Private House of the SS Girls, SS Girls (1977) is about a special Nazi brothel where selected prostitutes are used to spy on high-ranking German officers. They are trained in every sexual perversion including bondage and S&M. There are scenes of M/F, F/F, and F/M whippings.

Porn and fetish films

Around the same time the pornography industry made several films combining rough sex and S&M such as the Mitchell brothers' Hot Nazis, Nazi Love Island (aka Prisoner of Paradise) with John Holmes and Seka, Hitler's Harlot and Stalag 69 (1982), which was largely a hardcore remake of Love Camp 7.

Nazi Sexperiments, from Alpha Blue Archives), is a compilation of scenes from 1970s Nazi-porn films and trailers including Torture of a Slave, Hitler's Harlot, The Traitress, et al.

Today, a few BDSM film producers have revived the genre. These include: Mood Pictures' Gestapo series and Dr. Mengele, Whipped Women, and Pain4fem.

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