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This article is part of "Robin's Personal Memories Project"
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Navy Days

When I joined the Navy in 1957, I went through "Boot Camp" at Great Lakes, Ill. I often visited a "friend" of my family who lived in Chicago, who introduced me to the largest Polish family I had ever seen. I spent a fair amount of my "Liberty Time" teaching the girls of Chicago about the joys of being tightly bound and "forced" to enjoy themselves.

After "boots", I was transferred to Electronics and Electricity Prep School (E&E Prep) and then to Electronics Technician Class A (ET"A") and ET "C" schools. This meant I spent nearly two years in schools at Great Lakes during the week, and Chicago homes on weekends. (Later on, I studied radar, radio, sonar electronics; cryptography; ship damage control; search and rescue; fire fighting; and the use of explosives.)

I was transferred to CinCLantFlt in Norfolk, VA. A lot of free time allowed for travel all along the Atlantic coast. On one trip to New York to see the sights and visit friends, I spent a week end with someone who worked for Irving Klaw. That trip changed my life: the friend introduced me to a career as a 'Professional Bondage Photography'.

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In 1961, I took the USS R. L. Wilson" out of the yards" at Norfolk. In Jan 1961, on a trip to the Caribbean, we were diverted to Recife, Brazil. Our Task Group was chasing the S.S. Santa Maria, a ship taken over by a group of Portuguese separatists. (The book below was written about our 'exploits'.) We were the first American ships to visit since WWII. Using the phone book, I found a modeling studio, and paid them a visit. The American dollar went a very LONG way that weekend! (Visiting foreign countries and making friends, oh boy!)

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Later, the Wilson made a Med Cruise, all the while teaching English (or was it "la vice Anglais"?) and showing them the ropes.

My second tour, was quite different. Since I was quite fluent in Japanese, I was transferred to the USS Duncan (DDR-874) home ported in Yokosuka, Japan. We made port calls all over the Western Pacific including Hong Kong, and I made a side trip to Singapore. This allowed for a fair amount of "in port time", and I was able to spend time traveling around Japan, making friends and learning the various Japanese styles of bondage. (I find it interesting that although we did a fair amount of bondage, we never used the title, "Shibari".)

The Duncan spent a lot of time traveling around the Orient with stops in Subic Bay, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

I was later transferred to the USS Chicago (CG-11) as a member of the pre-commissioning crew at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco. I worked aboard ship during the day, but I was spending evening and free time at my home parents Sunnyvale.

After commissioning on May 2nd, 1964, the Chicago transferred to Long Beach and San Diego for underway training. On a weekend trip to visit friends in Palmdale, I met Connie who became my first wife.

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When the Chicago went to WestPac, I was transferred to the Fleet Anti-Aircraft Training Center in San Diego, and I married Connie.

As I traveled with the Navy, I continually honed my bondage skills while making new friends.

In 1966, when I got out of the Navy, I had dozens and dozens of friends from around the World who were interested in bondage. He started a small 'newsletter' (some issues even had bondage photos) to keep everyone informed of 'things bondage'. Those first newsletters were printed on a teletypewriter using a paper-tape reader with pictures sent as photographic prints. (Several newsletters were actually sent as 8 x 10 photographic prints.) He found that a lot of my photographer friends were looking for models, and vice-versa. I was asked by a lot of friends to teach bondage techniques and, as they say, "The BackDrop Club was formed".

"Sea Stories" (NOT!)

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