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Miho-Hime and Tomoko-sensei from Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan (Radiant Princess Miho).

Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan is a comic strip character created by Gauis Marius in 2005 and published online through the Miho-Chan website. The character has appeared in various forms, including pencil sketches, comic strips, CG illustrations and animated gifs. The majority of the strips are rendered in Photoshop and are clearly inspired by early 60s Japanese cartoons. The character itself is a tribute to early magic girl series such as Mahou Tsukai Sally or Himitsu no Akko-chan.

General premise

Hiroko Tanaka gets a hot, stinging bottom after being sent home from school for the umpteenth time.

Radiant Princess Miho follows the tale of Yumeno Miho, a magical princess of the Radiant Kingdom. Bored with court life, Miho-chan runs away to Earth, where she is quickly 'adopted' by a pair of girls her own age. Possessing the usual array of sorcerous abilities, Miho decides to protect her new home from the various witches, demons and giant monsters which periodically threaten humanity in Japanese cartoons.

Her career is cut short when her parents, King Raijin and Queen Mommo, track her down to Miyazakidai Elementary School. After scolding Miho for running away, they agree to let her stay on Earth for one year - on the condition that she live as a mortal child and only ever use her powers for emergencies.

Overjoyed that she can remain with her new friends, Miho settles down to the kind of life-style normal for a young mahou shoujo - attending school, making friends, falling in love, battling supernatural menaces etc (business as usual, in other words).

Tanaka Hiroko gets a spanking from her mother in Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan (Radiant Princess Miho).

She also settles into a strict regimen of mischief and punishment -delivered in the form of a quaint old Earth custom known as spanking. Being rather spoiled due to her imperial background, Miho-chan runs into conflict with practically every adult she encounters; first her parents, then her teachers, and so on down the line to her live-in cook and housekeeper.

Primary cast

Princess Miho receives a right royal spanking from Tomoko-san in Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan.

Yumeno Miho-Hime: Miho-chan, Princess of the Radiant Kingdom and heir to the Eternal Crown. While basically kind, sweet and generous by nature, her impulsive personality frequently leads her into trouble. Despite her vast magical powers, Miho often miscasts her spells, leading to minor disasters.

Tanaka Hiroko: Hiroko-chan, Miho's best friend, a gabby tomboy in the best Japanese tradition. Frequently sent home from school for chronic misbehavior, drives her parents crazy with her incessant chatter. Spanked on average at least once every three days.

Yasuda Kyoko: Kyoko-chan, Miho's other best friend, the group's resident pretty girl. Cute, lovable and 'genki,' but not exactly overburdened with brains. Turns handsprings whenever happy or excited; often spanked for consistently bad grades.

Miss Yamada: Keiko-Sensei, the girls' homeroom teacher. Archetype Japanese educator; kind and fair, but tough when necessary. Acts in loco parentis for Miho and her friends; paddles Hiroko's bottom on an almost daily basis.

Tomoko-San: Miho's live-in housekeeper, former Palace Cook to the Royal Family. A powerful sorceress in her own right, she was sent to Earth to keep an eye on Miho-Chan. Despite her technically subordinant position, Tomoko refuses to take any of Miho's backchat, settling disputes by spanking the 'Royal Bottom' bright pink.

Faux history

Despite being characterized as the best behaved of the the three, Yasuda Kyoko frequently found herself in dutch with her mother (usually as a result of Hiroko's bad influence).

In common with GM's earlier character Glory Bee, Miho-chan has been provided with a fictitious history, dating back to the mid-sixties. Under this hypothetical timeline, Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan was an animated series produced by Fujimura Doga and broadcast by the JTV Corporation. Two seasons were released between 1967 and 1968, with an unfinished third season projected for 1969.

Although Fujimura Doga was notorious for its low standards and poor animation, Miho-Chan was something of a breakout series for the company, gaining a respectible level of popularity amongst its target demographic (school-aged girl, 6-12). The cartoon was also the first to use "instant replays" and "slow-motion close-ups" for humorous effect (spanking scenes and panty shots were recycled endlessly in each episode, often to the characters' embarrassment).

The entire series was collected on DVD in 2005 when Fujimura Doga released Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan as part of their Forgotten Anime collection. The DVD features digitally restored and colorized footage (the first season was shot in BW), along with unused scenes from the unfinished third season. Unfortunately, only ten thousand copies were burned, making it one of the most obscure cartoons in the history of Japanese animation. The Boxed Set remains unavailable in the West, although pirated copies are rumored to turn up on the black market.


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