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Someone who thinks or claims to be knowledgeable about BDSM, but is not. Especially prevalent with new Doms.
this is a slang term for the practice of passing bladder fluid in order to enhance sexual intimacy, or in other words, erotic peeing. The medical term for this is urolagnia or urophilia.
Wax play
Play is utilized by many couples for enhancing their play. Candle wax, dripped onto sensitive body areas, such as the nipples, chest, or groin can be intensely stimulating for couples who have a greater pain tolerance and can be very erotic.
Alternative name for a rope harness, useful for bondage and suspension.
Webbing is a strong fabric woven as a flat strip or tube of varying width and fibers often used in place of rope.
Used to stretch body parts such as nipples and labia; usually attached to clamps or piercings.
Whartenburg Wheel
A medical pinwheel that is commonly used in BDSM play to stimulate or cause a feeling sensation.
Single tails are whips with one long tail (as opposed to floggers, which have multiple tresses). Bullwhips, signal whips, stock whips, and blacksnakes are particular types of single tails.
Whipping posts
Are simple fixed wooden posts, with two metal wrist shackles fixed at about waist height, and were formerly found on many village greens in conjunction with stocks. The bottom can be either standing with hands below or kneeling with hands above.
What it is that we do. A broad term referring to all forms of alternative sexuality.
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Adoring and / or loving a person, a person's body or body part, or a thing in a reverential manner such as boots. (also see Body worship

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