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S&M or SM
sadism and masochism.
Sadomasochist, person who does SM.
Deriving pleasure or sexual satisfaction from the infliction of pain on others. (Also see Roles and Functions
  • In BDSM a person who enjoys giving intense sensation in a consensual SM context.
  • In a non-BDSM connotation, a person who derives pleasure by inducing non-consentual pain or emotions.
Taking pleasure, or sexual gratification from simultaneous sadism and masochism.
Safe, Sane & Consensual
A popular slogan in the BDSM world meaning that play should always be safe, with good judgment exercised. And, most importantly, it MUST be consensual. (See also RACK
Safe Sex
Using condoms and taking all necessary health precautions during sex.
A word or gesture previously agreed upon during session negotiations for use by both Tops and bottoms to control or halt the action in a scene or a relationship.
Saint Andrews Cross
A popular piece of BDSM furniture (in the shape of an X) where a submissive can be conveniently tied or cuffed to it and rendered immobile.
Sexual arousal from tasting salty body fluids such as human perspiration, blood and/or urine. (Also see Foot fetish)
San Francisco Sex Information Switchboard (SFSI)
Founded in 1972 - One of the longest running (and best) sources for sex information: 415-989-SFSI (Rlzh.gifwww.sfsi.org/ )
a lesbian sadist.
many people desire intentional scars because they can be enticingly beautiful decorations, memories of particular relationships or scenes, or private symbols of ownership and d/s. Because of the skin's natural resilience, intentional scarification (that is, intentionally leaving a scar) via cuttings can in fact be hard for some people to accomplish even if it is desired! Raelyn Gallina is one of the finest scene-friendly piercing/cutting/scarification experts in the world. Asking in your local tattoo/piercing parlors and asking experienced players you meet through groups in your local Scene Community may also get you much useful information.
Scat play 
Feces play
BDSM activities between consenting partner for a specified period of time
Scene names 
A name used by a person in session to help reinforce their role in that scene. In reference to turning professional.
Scopophilia or scoptophilia, from Greek "love of looking", is deriving pleasure from looking. As an expression of sexuality, it refers to sexual pleasure derived from looking at erotic objects: erotic photographs, pornography, naked bodies, etc.
Scrotum - (also see page on 'Sex organs')
The bag of skin and muscle that contains the testicles in mammals.
Sensation play 
BDSM play where the intent is to push people's sensory limits, thus exploring texture, sensory deprival, through to whips, flaggillation and edgeplay.
A scourge is typically a whip of several leather thongs, as once practiced by religious flagellants. Used loosely, the term 'scourging' is likely to imply a whipping severe enough to draw blood.
Self bondage
Bondage carried out on oneself during solo play. Special safety precautions must be taken with this style of bondage.
Seminal vesicle - (also see page on 'Sex organs')
They secrete a significant proportion of the fluid that ultimately becomes semen. About 70% of the seminal fluid in humans originates from the seminal vesicles.
Sensation play 
BDSM play where the intent is to push people's sensory limits, thus exploring texture, sensory deprival, through to whips, flaggillation and edgeplay.
Sensory deprivation
using blindfolds, gags, earplugs, hoods, bondage, etc. to reduce information available to one or more senses.
doing for another; the bottom for the Top, as an expression of obedience, respect, submission, devotion, love, etc.
Service top
A person who does whatever the submissive or bottom desires. See BDSM Roles and Functions
BDSM activities between consenting partners. Sometimes the word Session is used to indicate time with a ProDom/me.
Person who gives up a great degree of control in an ongoing D/s relationship, sometimes with few remaining limits. Often those who identify as "slave" have a great desire for being of service to their dominant, sometimes referred to as "service-oriented submission."
Sex sling
(See Bondage sling )
(see San Francisco Sex Information Switcbboard above)
Metal or leather bondage restraint device consisting of round cuffs joined by a chain or bar.
It is very common in BDSM for submissives to shave their pubic hair.
Shoe Fetishism
Sexual arousal by seeing and/or wearing enjoys shoes. Popular fetish, even in the vanilla world.
Skene's gland - (also see page on 'Sex organs')
The Skene's glands (also known as the lesser vestibular, periurethral glands, or paraurethral glands) are glands located on the upper wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra. They drain into the urethra and near the urethral opening. The location of the Skene's glands is also known as the Gräfenberg spot or G-spot; the general area is the urethral sponge.
Rigged paddle modified to make a loud sound.
Signal whip
Medium-length plaited leather whip similar to a small bullwhip, as used with dog teams.
person who is consensually owned as property of another. (See also the Roles and Functions)
Slave Names
A name given to a slave, sub, bottom to differentiate their roles from every day, vanilla life roles. (See also Slave Names)
Slave Position
Also called Positions. (ie. "Sub is kneeling, legs spread, head down and hands on thighs, with palms up")
Sleep sack
A bag in which to wrap the body for a particularly intense form of bondage, custom-made from leather or rubber or improvised from a sleeping bag and rope or straps.
Book written by Jay Wiseman (read more about Jay in Icons W)
The "next book in the series", written by Robin Roberts
Soft Limits
Something that someone is hesitant to do or nervous to try. They can sometimes be talked into the activity, or preferably it may be negotiated at a trial or beginner level into a scene.
Usually the punishing device is the open palm. The five popular postures for spanking are: across the knees, between the thighs, across a single elevated thigh, tucked under the arm, between the legs, or held down by the collar across an appropriate item of furniture.
are commonly fetishists, i.e. they find these spanking-related activities erotic or stimulating. Spanking fetishism is also known generically as spankophilia.
Device intended for medical examination of the rectum or vagina, normally made of steel in a duckbill design. The 'bill' is lubricated and inserted and then the two jaws are moved apart with a screw mechanism, stretching the opening to give a clear view down the throat of the instrument.
Spencer Paddle
Form of wooden paddle with holes drilled in striking surface.
Spreader Bars
are used to separate extremities from each other. They are normally around 2-3 feet long, though the size varies. The ends of the bar can be attached to cuffs around the wrists, ankles, or neck. The bar enables the Dom to control the movement of the sub, and enables the Dom to access certain body areas easily.
Term covering a variety of toys used for stretching muscles or parts of the body. A ball stretcher in fact stretches the scrotum above the balls -- see under ball toy. In bondage, stretchers are cuffs attached to long solid bars designed to hold limbs apart.
Squick or Squicked
There will be things you will encounter in BDSM that will not be interesting for you. In fact, there will be things that may stun you or gross you out! This effect is so common that there is a word for it. People say they are squicked when they encounter something that someone else does that makes them feel squeamish or "icky." (The word "squick" conflates those two words. The word is attributed to STella, a well-known and articulate woman in the BDSM community in San Francisco.)
Sexual attraction to those with body modifications or tattoos
are basically constructed from two pieces of wood with semi-circular indentations that fix together to trap arms, legs or neck: there are a variety of designs, from ankle stocks that fix the bottom in a sitting position to wrist-and-neck stocks that bend him or her over. They can be quite uncomfortable and lining the holes is suggested. They can be made at home or bought from specialist suppliers.
Same as heterosexual
Straight Jackets
A garment shaped like a jacket used for restraining people
Strap ons
A belt or harness that has a dildo attached. It allows the wearer the ability to fuck another either in the vagina or anus.
Normally, these are special items made of nylon webbing or leather. These are items that go a step beyond mere binding of hands or feet. They are much more difficult to get out of, and are more restrictive. Some strap items bind the wrists to the thighs, or to the ankles.
A love of mannequins ar statues - pygmalionism
A person unknown to you (See Xenophilia and/or Xenophobia
Term covering a variety of toys used for stretching muscles or parts of the body. A ball stretcher in fact stretches the scrotum above the balls -- see under ball toy. In bondage, stretchers are cuffs attached to long solid bars designed to hold limbs apart.
A physical condition, often with cold- or flu-like symptoms, experienced by a submissive after an intense session of BDSM play. This can last for as long as a week, and is best prevented by aftercare immediately after the session.
volitional giving up of control and power.
Submissive or Sub
A person who gives up power and control in a scene. The submissive (or "sub") agrees to defer to the other partner the dominant. SUBMIT: To yield or surrender (oneself) to the will or authority of a Master or Mistress.
is an attitude exhibited by some people that makes them willing to defer to another person and comply with their wishes.
At its extreme, subservience is exhibited as a cringing obsequiousness.
A "natural high" that a sub gets during a scene or when being controlled. The sub may feel disconnected from time, space, and/or their body, and may have limited ability to communicate. It is critical that a Dom(me) be aware of their sub's wellbeing if they are in subspace..
Surface Burn
A temporary brand, usually produced with copper wire heated less hot than steel used in making a permanent brand. - see also Burns
Surface Piercing
Temporary piercing through the skin's surface.
Suspension bondage
a form of bondage in which a person is partly or fully raised off the ground.
Although some people are 100% top or bottom, the majority of folks switch, at least occasionally. This can be arranged in many different ways. Sometimes partners take turns with each other. Other times, someone will only top one partner and only bottom to some other partner. (See also Roles and Functions)
  • One whose life is devoted to sensual appetites; a sensualist, a pleasure-seeker.
  • person devoted to pleasure and luxury; a voluptuary.
Sexual attraction from creating casualties and disasters - see also Phobophilia

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