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Micropedia - Definitions
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  1. Item of bondage furniture consisting of a horizontal platform or table with fixing points allowing someone to be stretched out on their back or front with easy access all round: rarely do modern racks provide the facility for progressive stretching familiar from the popular image of the mediaeval torture chamber.
  2. An acronym for "Risk aware, consensual kink"
Rape fantasy
The pleasurable fantasy of inflicting or being a victim to an act of consensual play-rape.
A very commonly used safe word meaning “I want all session activity to stop”.
Red wings
having sex with a female during menstrual cycle
Cuffs, usually made of leather, that close around wrists and ankles and sometimes, around the thighs and waist.
Restriction is a style of domination where the sub is restricted in movement. Restriction can be enforced with restraining devices, such as ropes, or merely words. Restricting the movement of a sub is a widely used training technique.
The fetish for boots and shoes. (See Foot fetish)
Riding Crop
Crops are another disciplinary tool. Short whip with a loop of leather on the end intended for use on horses but very useful and adaptable on humans too.Tack stores are a good outlet for a riding crop, but choose the material carefully. The harder the material the more damage you can do.
Giving a rimjob. Mouth contact with the asshole, including insertion of the tongue inside it. More common than you might think in vanilla sex; in BDSM it may be as a form of service performed on a top by a bottom, but in view of the intensity of the sensation it could go either way. Hygiene precautions should be observed with this activity (using a dental dam, etc.) as there is very high chance of passing assorted bacterial and fungal infections from it. E coli, candidias, as well Hepatitis A are possibilities. An enema can help, but the micro flora and faunal found in the intestines are so ubiquitous that no safe enema can possibly eliminate all.
Ring Gag
A device that keeps the submissive's mouth wide open. Also called an "oral trainer" or "piss gag"
Risk Aware Consensual Kink
A variation of Safe, Sane and Consensual
Role playing
Using some standardized elements, such as a teacher with a student, a doctor with a patient, an interrogator with a spy, a pet with an owner, etc.
The most common of bondage equipment.
After leather, the most popular fetish material.

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