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Sexual arousal from biting
A tooth fetish
located in Černá, Czech Republic in 1996 for the purpose of establishing a "A Private State of Supreme Women". For more information see the Wikipedia article.
a term usually used to mean masturbation and sometimes coitus interruptus.
The study of "Being" - different than metaphysics which in concerned with the study of being in the world.
Sexual arousal from snakes
Oral lavage
Bathing someone with your tongue
Oral sex
Sex involving contact between mouth and any other sexual organ.
Orchidometer (or orchiometer)
a medical instrument used to measure the volume of the testicles.
refers to any pain that occurs at the time of orgasm.
Orogastric Tube
A tube from mouth to stomach. Used in force feeding scenes. (See Nasogastric Tube)
Sexual arousal from foul smells
"Over the Knee" spanking were the subject is placed over the lap of the person administering the spanking.
Other World Kingdom
The Other World Kingdom (OWK) is a large estate
"Over the Mouth" (a type of gag)
Outing (or Being Outed)
Having your private life disclosed to the public by another person (Link to an article written by Robin Roberts)
A form of dungeon which was accessible only from a hatch in a high ceiling, from which escape was nearly impossible without outside help. The word comes from the French language oublier, "to forget," as it was used for those prisoners the captors wished to forget.
Ovary (plural; ovaries) - (also see page on 'Sex organs')
A female reproductive organ, often paired, that produces ova and in mammals secretes the hormones estrogen and progesterone.
See Other World Kingdom on this page.
Ownership Icons
Icons created by House of Tanos to represent the various ownership relationships of masters and slaves. See http://www.ownershipflag.com/icons.

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