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Sexual arousal from lactating breasts
A strike from a whip, paddle, crop or flogger.
Latex play
Play which uses latex paint or latex clothing.
One of the most popular of fetish materials; many get excited by the look and/or feel of leather clothing, boots, etc. Leather tends to excite several senses (look, feel, smell, the sound of leather on leather) concurrently
Leg cuffs
Larger handcuffs intended to be used to immobilize or restrict movement of the ankles
Leg irons
Steel ankle cuffs. Patterned after British prisoner restraints. "Put him in irons!"
Lifestyle or 24/7
For some people, BDSM is full-time (also called lifestyle or 24/7). For others, it is confined to the bedroom. For yet others it is an activity to engage in once every few months. What BDSM is about is often a very personal experience, something to be worked out and tailored between the partners, something that grows and changes with the individuals and their relationships.
Boundaries of consent as negotiated between partners, including activities in which one person does not wish to participate. A primary goal of negotiation is that activities that are off-limits are commonly asked about by the top or volunteered by the bottom prior to play. For a top to violate intentionally a bottom's stated limits or boundaries is nonconsensual and unethical. Limits can be anything a person wants them to be. A surprisingly common limit is "No tickling!" Other common limits include "No drawing blood," "No permanent damage," "No blindfolding me," "No tying me up," "No oral sex without a condom," "No humiliation," " No sex with anyone not of my preferred gender," etc. Limits can be as arbitrary as you want. Tops also have limits and often state them during negotiations!.
Piercing through the skin on the underside of the penis.
Lunge Quirt
see Quirt.


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