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Sexual arousal from exposing oneself to a medical doctor
Ice can be used on external body parts, external genitalia, or even internal genitalia if care is taken. Ice can quickly sensitize affected body parts, or numb them slightly. Ice can even be used to intensify an orgasm in either sex. With males, a thin piece of ice, inserted into the anus during ejaculation, can give the male a more intensified orgasm than normal. Ice rubbed on nipples will cause almost instant stiffening.
Sexual arousal from statues of nude people
A form of execution where a person is walled up within a building and left to die from starvation or dehydration.
Impact Play
Part of sensation play, dealing with impact such as whips, riding crops, paddles, floggers, etc.
rendering a bottom helpless by completely restricting movement through bondage.
Sexual activity between close family members.
eroticisation of being treated (or treating someone else) as a baby or a toddler - Parent/child or parent/baby role playing.
Sewing or fastening of the genitals to prevent intercourse or even sometimes arousal, as in chastity games, usually achieved by piercing or suturing.
Infusing a Saline solution into soft tissues of the body
Intersexual or intersex person
A person who is born with genitalia and/or secondary sex characteristics determined as neither exclusively male nor female

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