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A gag is a device designed to prevent speech, or as a device to stop the subject from calling for help. The use of gags is commonly depicted in crime fiction, frequently with fetishistic connotations
Sexual attraction to statues (also see Pygmalion)
System of grading thickness. The lower the number, the thicker the needle, wire or material.
People who consider themselves sexually sttracted to members of the same gender
Sometimes used as a general term for pain games involving the genitals.
Glans penis - (also see page on 'Sex organs')
The glans penis is the sensitive erectile head of the penis. It is also commonly referred to as the head of the penis, mushroom tip, fireman's helmet, or bell end (coarse slang), although this is not the proper medical terminology. It is wholly or partially covered by the foreskin, except when the foreskin is retracted, such as during sexual intercourse or masturbation while the penis is erect, or when the foreskin has been removed by circumcision.
Golden Showers (or GS)
playing with urine for erotic purposes. (See Water Sports also). The sexual enjoyment of piss (urine) is officially known as urolagnia, and sometimes referred to as golden showers (GS), water sports (WS). Someone who likes drinking piss might describe himself or herself as thirsty. Fascination with piss is fairly common: it may be enjoyed for its own sake, but in a BDSM context it can be part of a degradation or humiliation scene.
Good Pain
Good pain and bad pain are terms used lightheartedly by BDSM practitioners, signifying that whilst BDSM may include an element (often quite pronounced) of consensual pain, there is a purpose to it, and some pain is consented to and accepted whilst other pain is not. "Good pain" is therefore pain that is mutually agreed, desired or permitted by the submissive partner to be experienced, and seen by them as of enjoyment or value.
A fictional planet, the venue for stories written by John Norman
Gorean Play
is stylized kind of play that is DS-like but with highly standardized customs. It is based on a series of science fiction novels about an imaginary planet called Gor in which females are all extremely deferential to males. A female slave (called a kajira) on the planet Gor is subject to the whims of any passing male according to some specific customs. Males are assumed to be dominant, also according to some specific roles. There are occasional roles available for those who cross gender assumptions; this is more common on IRC than in the books themselves. What differentiates Gorean play from D/s is that D/s does not involve any standardized rules applying to all submissives or all of any single gender or category of people. The rules of D/s are typically worked out in a highly customized manner between the partners.
Grope box
Grope box
A long, narrow, enclosed box, often made of wood, with many openings along its front and sides, into which a person may be placed and then groped or fondled by people outside the box. A person within a grope box is helpless to prevent the fondling and often cannot see the people doing the fondling.
The practice of including actual (or simulated) firearms into a scene.
Being sexually aroused by female impersonators
Gynephilia (or gynophilia)
The romantic and/or sexual attraction to adult females
Gynophagia (literally "woman eating")
Sexual fetish involving fantasies of the cooking and consumption of human females.

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