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A D-ring is an item of hardware, usually a metal ring shaped like the letter "D". It may be used at the end of a leather or fabric strap, or may be secured to a surface with a metal or fabric strap. For light loading applications such as clothing and luggage, D-rings made of plastics such as nylon may be used, as they weigh less and are impervious to rust.

DM or Dungeon Monitor
An acronym for Dungeon Monitor. In a BDSM Play Party, they watch the scenes to make sure house rules are followed and the play is safe.
Double penetration (usually, but not limited to, vaginal and anal)
Popular abbreviation for Dominance and submission. A relationship between a Top and bottom where one is Dominant and the other submissive. Can be for a scene or can be a long-term relationship or anything in between. (Also called Dom-sub, DS, D/S, D&S.)Other kinds of deferent activities, ranging from service such as polishing the dominant's boots, to cooking dinner, to kneeling at the dominant's feet, to body worship, to orgasm deprivation or having an orgasm on command, are also common parts of DS. The rules of DS are not standardized. They are typically worked out between the partners during negotiations prior to playing. A submissive is not required to kneel at the foot of the dominant unless the partners have agreed that kneeling is an acceptable play activity. Nor is a submissive automatically required to defer to dominants other than the submissive's own partner.
Sexual arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of one's partner. Something sadists sometimes find enjoyable or arousing.
A role taken on by some dominants; especially common in age play.
Removal of hair. Many Dominants require their submissive to shave certain areas, their whole body or just their pubic hair.
A manufactured penis-shaped object.
Like many SM terms, used rather loosely, but usually refers to the imposition of rules of behavior on the bottom in domination scenes and the 'punishments' used to enforce them. A distinction is often made between intense and painful activities that are carried out so the bottom gets direct enjoyment from them and those carried out as a 'punishment' for infractions where in certain kinds of ongoing relationships the bottom does not determine the limits of the activity. (also see Roles and Functions )
Man and sometimes for females, "domme" or FemDom; (the term "dominatrix" is not generally used for female doms unless they are professional) who takes control. Doms and subs are particular kinds of tops and bottoms, ones who emphasize power exchange in their play. Some people use the terms dom and sub to be synonymous with top and bottom. Others use the terms top and bottom to refer to people who emphasize SM as opposed to DS in their play. Which exact definition is being used is usually clear from the context, but it can be helpful to ask. Tops and doms do not all wear leather and boots or carry whips and chains; nor do owned submissives all wear collars.
controlling and directing the scene.
the person who directs the scene and issues the commands.
  1. Exercising the most influence or control; governing.
  2. Most prominent in position or prevalence; ascendant. Comes from Old French and Latin dominans, to dominate.
Act of being Dominant (Also see Roles and Functions )
Female who takes control (contraction of Dominatrix)
To control, govern or rule by superior authority or power. Comes from Latin dominari, to rule > dominus, lord.
Dominant (Dom/Domme) (also Dominatrix)

terms usually connotating a professioinal Mistress

The Latin feminine of the term 'dominator', one who dominates, could just mean a woman who enjoys taking the dominant role but almost always refers specifically to the professional dominatrix who charges for staging scenes where she dominates mainly male clients. The work of these women is rarely classed legally as prostitution because very often genital sex is not involved. Some dominatrices are renowned for their knowledge and skill at both the psychological and physical aspects of SM techniques and a number have made valuable contributions to the BDSM community. generally used for female doms.
Donkey punch
  1. the act of hitting or slapping a partner with the penis in a demeaning manner.
  2. the act of punching or abusing a partner during an orgasm, which cause vaginal or anal contraction
A simple item of equipment for douching, usually consisting of a rubber bulb and nozzle, though the term is sometimes extended to cover other items of douching equipment. Also the activity of douching, as in 'I had a douche' or 'I douched'.
From the French douche, 'shower', in a sexual context this means injecting liquid, usually water, under pressure into the ass or cunt, either for hygiene purposes prior to sex, for contraceptive purposes afterwards (not terribly reliable), or as a sexual thrill in itself. In the vagina the liquid is entering a closed cavity and only a limited amount can be used. In the rectum, the cavity immediately behind the asshole can be flushed, or liquid can be made to penetrate higher and further into the bowel and colon:
such a thorough anal douche is known as an enema and the sexual enjoyment of them is termed klismaphilia. The body will quickly attempt to expel water introduced in this way with a shitting action and controlling this can be part of the fun.
A person who likes dressing in fetish wear or leather, and might be mistaken for a player, but their actual fetish is the dressing!
Bottoms sometimes experience Sub-drop after a session
the blues or moodiness following an exciting scene or weekend of play.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (from the American Psychiatric Association) gives objective terms for the purpose of Psychiatric Research.
Duct Tape
Also known as gaffer's tape; used in many BDSM scenes as either restraints or gags.
Usually referring to a room or area with BDSM equipment and play space
Dungeon Monitor or DM
In a BDSM Play Party, they watch the scenes to make sure house rules are followed and the play is safe.


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